Friday, October 1, 2021

Choosing Grace


Let's face it.

The last 18 months have been tough on everyone. Doesn't matter how you have spent the pandemic, it's been tough.

I was toughest on myself. Didn't seem like I was "accomplishing" anything (I'm retired. Just what do I think I have to accomplish?) I just quit everything for a while. 

In January, I chose Grace as my One Little Word. It has given me permission to forgive myself for not getting things done. It gave me permission to not worry about writing (again). Once we got Sophie, it gave me permission to not have a spotless house (like it ever was!).


I started thinking about my writing and my blog last week. I kept wondering how I ever kept it going when Chloe was Sophie's age. So I went back and looked.  

I didn't.


I began my blog when Chloe was about 6 months old. Not 2 or 3 months. But Chloe did give me lots of stories to tell!


One of the things I struggled with after Chloe passed was what to do with the blog.  Archive it?  Nope. Start a new one? Nope.

Renaming seemed like the way to go.

So welcome to Stories With Sophie. She's got a few to tell.


  1. Oh, Sophie looks so sweet. I'm looking forward to her stories. It's okay to give ourselves grace or comfort (my OLW). It's good to hear your voice again and I can't wait to hear Sophie's.

  2. I love the new name. I love that cute little puppy! And I love that you are writing again!

  3. Oh my goodness! Soooooo cute! I'm looking forward to more of your stories!

    Grace is a a beautiful word...a beautiful gift.

  4. Welcome to Sophie on this blog. No doubt we'll soon discover her personality and the perspective she has on your life. Looking forward to read her words and stories. I wonder whether there's a way you could have a pic of Chloe here on the front page of blog? As a memory for those who liked coffee with her? I understand if this would be too painful for you.

  5. Hello Sophie! I hope you get to try your paws at writing. Chloe use to hijack this space and her posts were delightful. My puppy is named Luna, but she's never tried writing because she is too busy catching frisbees.

    Deb, I'm sure happy you decided to return here, with Sophie. I'm glad to get to hear your stories in this next season of life.


  6. She's adorable. I'm glad you decided to come back.


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