Celebrating Friendship Through The Tears

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Our Sandbar gang last weekend. A getaway planned before cancer struck. A getaway continued so we could share our strength with friends who need all they can get right now.

My sister, the survivor, is in white. These are her cronies, to whom I will always be indebted. They loved and took care of my sister when I couldn't be there.

You don't see them looking at these pictures, but tears have been shed lately.
Lots of tears.
Because cancer sucks.

The last year has been tough. My baby sister (God, she'll hate that) was diagnosed with colon cancer last winter. A grapefruit sized tumor was found. But rounds of chemo and radiation shrunk that tumor to nothing and surgery was successful. As she finishes her last rounds of post surgery chemo, we have lots to celebrate.  She is a survivor.

Her group of friends, the "Cronies" as they call themselves, have been amazing. They are her strength. They keep her smiling through it all. They are her other family. I love them for that.

A couple of weeks ago, our dear friend, Tom, my "other husband"  (the guy in the middle of the top picture) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He's got a tough road ahead. We all know it. But we celebrate that it was found earlier than most. That he has a gifted medical team, who are doing everything they can to beat this thing. 

Yes. Cancer sucks.
But cancer can't take away friends and family who love you. 

No matter what.


  1. Celebrating your sister's success with her treatment, Deb, & best wishes & prayers for your friend. Yep, cancer sucks big time. So sorry, & glad to see you're celebrating friends and family, important!!

  2. Oh Deb! I agree...cancer SUCKS! I love that you are able to find celebrations in the midst of the tears and struggles. I join in your celebration for your sister's treatments and for the early detection for your friend. Prayers for healing for both of them.

  3. Cancer sucks big time, as do other unexpected health issues. Friends and family become even more important than usual during tough times. I am glad your sister's body responded well to the treatments and I hope your friend will too.

  4. Oh my, Deb, what a powerful celebration this week - celebrating the love of family and friends. There's nothing sweeter.

  5. Cancer does indeed suck. I am so glad that your sister has so many people in her corner.

  6. Oh, so sad to hear. But you do look like you are enjoying each other and the time you have together in these pictures. Make the most of what you have while you can. I'll be thinking about you.

  7. Cancer is such an ugly word. Congrats to your sister! I wish her many, many years with her "big" sister and her cronies. Best of luck and prayers to your friend, too.

  8. It's difficult when those we love are not close by. So glad your sis had her Cronies. Hoping for continued good outcomes for your friend. Friendship and family are what see us through these hard times.


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