Saturday, September 7, 2013


We all doubt ourselves once in awhile. We all look at our classrooms, our teaching, and wonder if we're doing the right thing. We wonder if it's time to retire. Do we have the energy? The patience? The passion to keep going.

Friday was day 11 of our school year. Trust me, I'm not counting down already.  But I am so tired some days when I come home, I just don't have the energy to spend more time on school work. Those little thoughts creep into my head. Can I really keep doing this for six or seven more years?

But on Day 11, I marveled at the relationships and the trust that have developed in that short amount of time. Little moments. Little moments that reaffirm this life I have chose. Little moments that reassure me I'm still doing the right thing and can continue on for a few more years.

  • "Mrs. Day, you are in the best teacher in school" from a student I've never had in class
  • a student sharing details from his life that I know he doesn't share with others
  • a football button
  • a group hug from from boys both past and present
  • a student who asked to come and work in my room because he can focus there (and a teacher wise enough to let him come. He was having issues on Friday)
  • a head's up from the guidance counselor about a freshmen who already feels comfortable enough that she believes she could talk to me about a her life
Notice, not one of those little moments have anything to do with curriculum. It's all about the relationships. Because the one thing I've learned in my years of teaching....

You can't teach 'em and they won't learn if you don't love 'em. 

And I do love them.


  1. "Notice, not one of those little moments have anything to do with curriculum." Best.line.ever.

  2. You are some special person in the lives of these kids. Notice I didn't say teacher. That' term is too limiting, you are that but so much more for these lucky kids. I'm so glad Ruth linked to this post.

  3. It is so hard to keep going sometimes, especially when just beat! Your presence in those loves of students is the fuel that keeps you going, isn't it? Special comments you shared Deb. I love that ending. I always told the younger teachers I have mentored, if you can show that you love your students, everything else falls into place.