Little Bits of Book Love Joy

As most of you know, I read Penny Kittle's Book Love over break and participated in the Facebook group conversation. It was an amazing professional development opportunity. I always thought I was pretty good at getting books into the hands of my students, but I am so much better now!  That 10 minutes a day just blows my mind. And my students are reaping the benefits--they're reading!

Thank you, Penny Kittle (she commented on my blog piece too. Feels like I've been visited by a ROCK STAR!)

How do I know (besides the record we keep of pages read)?  They tweet them out.

Two snow days and three late starts gave students lots of time to read. This student actually read outside of class!

And last night, I received this tweet

How do you like that? A student thanking me for getting him to read. So far, in the four weeks we've been back to school, this student has read Revolver by Marcus Sedgwick, Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson and Looking for Alaska by John Green.  Isn't that amazing?

Now I am on a continual hunt for books. My book gap is books for guys. Although I have many in my room, I haven't read as many of them as I should.  I'd better get going on that. I think these boys are going to keep me busy.


  1. Penny's book jump started my reading program, too. So exciting that your kids are messaging you about their reading - now THAT is validation for all the hours it takes to find, read and book talk books, right?! So, here's a Woo hoo for you!

  2. Does the site Guys Read have any resources for your high schoolers? Just a thought.

    Thanks for sharing your Twitter conversation. Very neat to peek in on it.

  3. I wonder how much is the "time" focus and how much is your "passion" that jumps out at them? I read the Book Whisperer last summer and thought, "While there is nothing new here, her passion is contagious!" I've found that that some kids get turned off by "having to read" for 10/15/20 minutes each night but the same kids can be "turned on" by the excitement of their teachers and classmates.

  4. You feel like you've been visited by a ROCK STAR... looks to me more like you've been jamming with a rock star... two rock stars making music together!

  5. Tweeting about books, that's awesome! My students have been reading more too as a result of our 10 min time and page goals, but as ELLs, reading is so grueling for so many of them that I haven't quite gotten the widespread joy I was hoping for... yet! I've been reading MG and YA books like crazy trying to be able to recommend books to them, but I still have so much to learn and so many book gaps to fill. I really admire how you are able to fit all your students with perfect books, and I hope to be like you!

  6. You are like me! You just have a different clientele. My kids know the language and know how to read. They just quit doing it! Don't give up. Your students need the 10 minutes more than mine do!

  7. Great to hear, Deb. I am finally about to finish Book Love. It is as awesome as Write Beside Them, isn't it? Congratulations on your successes-great to see those tweets. As for books, do you think Christy might have reviewed some good ones on her other blog? And I think the Guys Read site makes suggestions too. John Green is so good, but so is Chris Crutcher, Walter Dean Myers, Patrick Ness. You probably know all of them. Best wishes!

    1. I am definitely heading over to Christy's blog....I know there are some books there I need to find. I also just ordered new ones after the ALA awards last week. Hopefully, that will help me keep up!


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