Tuesday, October 30, 2012

HIdden Heartshots

They were here for under 24 hours. 
Things shouldn't "disappear". 
Four adults scoured the house, 
looking for anything left behind 
or forgotten. 

But, slowly 
throughout the week,
 small heartshots revealed themselves 

A pacifier 
dropped as something new to explore was found.

A sippy cup
Abandoned in the excitement
of being outside
and dogs and balls and running

A shirt nestled in the couch
A package of wipes forgotten on the table.

All found at different times 
On different days
bringing smiles in the midst
of a busy week


  1. Little heart shots . . . I like that. Memories that last. Make you smile. Sweet moments of remembrance. Thanks for making me smile tonight.

  2. Sounds like you had a little one at your house this week. Sweet!

  3. This is sweet. I like that instead of focusing on conferences you focus on the heart shots. The words chosen convey so much feeling.

  4. Love that you saw them as 'heartshots'. They do make good memories, don't they? Happy Halloween, Deb.


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