Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Practicing What I Teach

After reading and discussing Write Beside Them by Penny Kittle this summer with a group of blogging friends, I vowed I would write more WITH my Creative Writing students. Today's prompt I really like ("stolen" Diana at One Literacy Coach)

Things I Didn't Do This Summer:

I didn't go to the hospital when I rolled my ankle (although I think I should have)

I didn't get to see Los Lonely Boys in concert in Arnold's Park (although we went to another concert and saw them.

I didn't enjoy the excessive heat we had for much of the last part of the summer (although I found ways to beat it)

I didn't miss my grandchildren ( I saw them a lot)

I didn't read near enough books

I didn't break any records in golf

I didn't write all I wanted

I didn't catch the bouquet at one of the weddings I attended this summer

I didn't cry when school started

Something Just for Fun
I found this video through Pinterest this morning and thought I would share. It just made me happy:


  1. Your list speaks volumes of the summer you had. I'm sure you will learn so much about your students through this writing. Video is great. I love the joy the children showed. That should be the goal for all teachers to evoke that response. Thanks for sharing it Deb.

  2. "I didn't miss my grandchildren" - this one is the best. Lucky you. Lucky them. Thank you for the little gift in the end of your slice.

  3. Sounds like you had an enjoyable summer, but I got worried about "I didn't miss my grandchildren" until read the rest of the line. The video was so cute - the expressions on their faces was adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yet you did a lot - I am sure! The idea of list poems to describe what we did and didn't do this summer is a good one for kids too as it allows them to think of the little things we do and make them significant. I didn't clean all my closets and most likely never will! I did, however, pay the bills, on the night before school!

  5. Ah, you had a great summer! And not even having to miss the grand kids because you saw them so much over the us more...that's just, the best!

  6. Love your list! I think this is a perfect writing prompt for kids because when I asked my kiddos what they did over the summer they say, "Nothing." So, now I can say what didn't you do? Oh, the looks of confusion and let the creativity begin! Hope you share some of your students' writing!

    1. Good idea, Michelle. When I gather their notebooks on Friday, I'll have to share a few !

  7. "I didn't write all I wanted" I wonder if any of us could ever say "I wrote as much as I wanted??" Still, it sure sounds like your summer had many fun moments and good times.

  8. You'll see a deleted comment from me on the previous post because I commented on it
    instead of this one. I love Diana's, & yours too Deb. I'm going to have to share this with the others. Too fun! Glad you're starting with Kittle's ideas.

  9. Deb,
    Love your share of what you didnt do-I also love the poem video you shared your something just for fun was fun!

  10. What a fun prompt! I can't wait to share it with my students.
    I can't wait to pair the video with the one I already use with this poem. It will be fun to show both videos to my sixth graders, let them choose their favorite and explain why.
    Here's the link:
    Sorry, but I haven't figured out how to embed a video yet. But the link works if you copy and paste it.


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