Tuesday, January 24, 2017

#sol17 It's Coming!

-------------WINTER STORM WARNING-------------

At some point today, the snow will start. The winds will blow. The roads will be slippery. And we will go home.

The thing is, it probably won't start until later this afternoon. The warning now starts at 3:00 pm instead of noon.  But that won't stop the inevitable question:


Phones will be held at their sides out of my sight, computers will be open to the weather page and to one of the TV stations that post school closings. The whining will start with the first early out, "Everyone's getting out but us!"

I will again post this on my board. It answers both their questions: Will we get out early today? Will we have school tomorrow? I prepare myself for the whining.

Oh! But wait!  I won't be in the classroom today!  I have a sub and a student teacher who will handle the whining and complaining!

I won't have to tell them to put their phones away and get back to work!

I won't constantly have to answer "the" question and listen to the whining!

I think I'll still post the note....


  1. Love your note! Hopefully the winter storm won't be too bad.

  2. Winter days with bad weather can be rough! Please keep that storm to yourself, though. We don't need it here in Wisconsin. :)

  3. And you get to stay home! Lucky you, Deb!

  4. Thanks for the chuckle today. I thought about you when the weatherman said there was a storm brewing in Iowa this morning. Hope it all works out for you and everyone is warm and safe.

  5. Hahaha... so funny! One of my teachers in high school used to write "THE BUSSES ARE COMING!" on his board on days like that (and go around the school yelling it) just to get everyone riled up. When I started teaching, I used to email him with that as the subject line on those types of days. :-)

  6. :) Between this and your tweet, it made the fact we don't have school today bearable! We end in June now.....bah! :) Thank you for sharing your slice with us!

  7. Now comes the best test ever - can the students read? The title you have taken is true, a bit sad but mostly funny. In Estonia the weather feels like spring. But the winter is not over yet. Quite often February is the coldest and snowiest.