Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Good Kind of Tired

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We've just finished our first full week of school--with kids. If you teach, you understand how I fell back to sleep for another hour this morning when I really intended to just close my eyes and cuddle Chloe for a few minutes.

If you teach, you'll understand why I slept most of the way to the lake last night. And that when we got to the cabin, I put my pjs on and wrapped up in a blanket for the rest of the night.

It's a good kind of tired.

It's the tired of learning new names and making sure to talk and connect with every single kid that walks in my room.

It's the tired of creating family with a group of strangers


Of making my room a safe place to land.

It's the tired of finding the right book for the right kid and learning why 42 kids took creative writing.

It's the tired of welcoming a student into speech class for the 3rd time and then two class periods later welcoming him to drama.  After five days, it's seeing insecurity in that student you'e never seen before.

It's convincing boys that they can write and then wondering if you'll ever get to peek at the magic being written in a girl's notebook during every break in the action.

It's the tired of planning for the next week and making sure it's rigorous and worthy of their time, but not so difficult that students give up before they start.

It's the tired of wishing you were a month into school and already enjoying those relationships you are busy cultivating now.

It's the tired of a teacher after the first five days of school.


  1. Indeed, you've described it, and the picture is priceless. Best wishes, Deb. I think I know why there are 42 in your creative writing class! Enjoy the lake r & r.

  2. I know that kind of tired but as a secondary teacher i had to learn so many names. Now as a librarian, I am overwhelmed with textbooks the first of the year.

  3. Deb, You nailed it. All of those things are the reason I turned my alarm off this morning and will be racing through the rest of the day to do the things for my home and family that I did not have time to do this week because my focus was on my students! Celebrating a new year!

  4. We start school on Tuesday - but I can so relate!

  5. You sound like you have the rich, rewarding pain of a marathon runner who has finished the race.

  6. You are experiencing the tiredness of accomplishment. The first week back is exhausting. I'm sure your students are tired, too. Have a wonderful year.