Friday, March 14, 2014

14/31 It's a Dog's Life

Today I want to be Chloe.

As I am trying to get up the energy to get to school, Chloe lay snoring on the couch (yep. Snoring.) She had her head on the pillow, a blanket under her to stay warm and I thought to myself, "I want to be Chloe. What a life."

If I were Chloe
I wouldn't have to set the alarm
I'd just wait for someone to
Speak to me softly as I wake up
They'd let me outside,
Wait for my bark
And then give me a
when I came back in.

I'd do lay on the couch
With my head on the pillow
Snuggle in the blanket
I drift back off to sleep
Without a care in the world
Waking only when someone else got up

I'd only have a few jobs
to wait for the mailman
and bark at him to leave our yard
Watch for the neighbors to come home
and bark at them to come and play
Keep the squirrels and rabbits at bay

I'd play when I wanted
Sleep when I needed
And always know I was loved.

I want to be Chloe.

Wait a minute here. Who is she kidding?  She thinks I have it easy?  Let me tell you a little something…

It's true
I don't have to set an alarm
But I also have no choice when to 
Get Up
If she's up, I have to get up
I go outside and
I may bark to let them know to
But sometimes it takes awhile,
So I bark some more
And then I get in trouble for barking too much.

There's just no pleasing some people.

It's true 
I go back to sleep on the couch
(But, I DO NOT snore)
It's not like anyone's going to play with me
At that hour of the day.
And sometimes, it's really early for me.
She doesn't know how late Dad and I 
Stay up 

Shhhh. Don't tell!

It's true
I bark at the mailman
(there's just something not right about him)
and the squirrel and rabbits and birds
(don't they know this is my territory?)
And those neighbor kids look fun.
I should be able to go over and play once in awhile
They have dogs too.  Can't I go play with them?

I don't get to play all day
'Cause there is no one home 
to play with
I don't get to sleep all day
'Cause there are things to take care of 
I miss my mom and dad when they are gone
Sometimes, I'm afraid they won't come back
I'm afraid they don't know how much 
I love them. 

I wish I was a people too.


  1. Life is all about perspective, love the double perspective on your slice today. I am with you in the idea of being in quiet all day, alone, with the option to sleep. I might get that chance, for an hour, in the morning. I bet Chloe is getting extra lovin' tonight as you think about how much she missed you!

  2. Love the piece from both points of view. She is so adorable. Will have to read this one to Daisy (who was a little snoring she-beast herself this morning) and see if she finds some inspiration.

  3. Wow, the second perspective was a pleasant surprise! I've often wished to be my cat on those days when getting out of a warm, comfortable bed is challenging. But I guess it's not always easy being so dependent on us people... Great voice in this piece! It is fun to read aloud!

  4. I liked how you wrote from your perspective and then Chloe's. I wonder if that is what goes on in our pets' minds when we are gone? You seem to have it down pat....and what a cute picture. Fun read and brought a smile to my face. Jackie

  5. Chloe's perspective was sweet - especially that last stanza. She has a wonderful life.

  6. Deb, I think you have spoken well from both perspectives. They do have a good life, but I'm sure they truly miss us (even if they sleep all day and all night). Good to hear from Chloe again. Max had his slice this week too.

  7. Great piece on perspective! This would be fun to do with students.

  8. Obviously, "It's a dog's life" can mean many things, & I'm sure you teach your students to look at all points of view, right? Fun to read, Deb. On a cold day, it would be nice to cuddle on the sofa, I agree! Sorry, Chloe!

  9. This reminded me of Judy Blume's The Pain and the Great One. There are always two sides to a story. Such fun!

  10. Oh, this was too cute! I thought it ended after your wish to be Chloe. I didn't anticipate Chloe's point of view! I tease my cat every day when I leave for school as she sometimes picks her head up off the couch to look at me: "Don't work too hard today..." Tough life.