Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wednesday Was One of Those Days....

Discover. Play. Build.

Wednesdays are weird days. Not the beginning of the week, so energy is waning. Not the weekend, so nothing to get excited about. Just kind of stuck in the middle.


Nothing to celebrate.

I stopped at the convenience store on my way home to pick up something for my lunch on Thursday. I see two of my favorite students. He was in one of my Creative Writing classes last year. Often brought his breakfast into my room to sit and chat. She moved into the district last year as a freshmen. She was lost and lonely until they started dating. Now, she is rarely without a smile.

They are grabbing every package of hamburger buns off the shelf.
"You can't take all those," I yell across the store.
"Yes we can!" the girl giggles.
Her boyfriend smiles.  "Hey, Mrs. Day, when I graduate this year, I have a present for you."
Puzzled, I repeated his words, "YOU, have a present for ME when you graduate..."
"He told me about it, I think it's pretty cool."
I don't know what he's giving me, but I've already had my present.

I drove home smiling.

Got home and played with Chloe for awhile, then came in to start supper. The phone rang.

An unfamiliar voice greeted me with, "Is this Mrs. Day?" Now I'd already had an angry parent email this week, so my little voice thinks, "Oh no. What now?"

"This is Kerigan's mom. Did you have her make that video?"

Again with the little voice. Kerigans's Digital Storytelling Project is getting a lot of airplay. Maybe she didn't like it...maybe she wants me to take it down....Geez, I'm probably in trouble again....

"I just wanted you to know what a wonderful thing you  had her do. I just got to watch it today and I can't believe it.  She doesn't always show us things you know, especially now with her dad having surgery and this diagnosis of her nephew. But this, this is beautiful."

We talked for quite awhile, about the project, about the little boy. I could tell she'd been crying, but this video, it made her happy. She told me to share it with everyone I could.

So I will. Today I will share it with you, in case you didn't see it when I tweeted it out.

This has been a week full of celebrations. Little moments of JOY that would go unnoticed if I wasn't waiting and watching for them. Students loving books. A workshop with a colleague I don't spend enough time with. Bossman coming in and relaxing in one of my "comfy" chairs (relaxing isn't in his vocabulary these days). But Wednesday? It was one of those days.....

And here are a couple more of the videos my kids shared with me. Who says story doesn't matter?


  1. Wow-I loved all your words, Deb, and I imagine you're very curious about that 'present' coming. The videos are just wonderful, and I know what a challenge it is to manage doing all that from your classroom. I love that you got that phone call-a sweet response that I'm sure made your week special. Thanks!

  2. Deb, your work with these kids is powerful and the media they are using in a positive way. I am also thankful the parent called with kudos to you. What a celebration!

  3. Oh, I loved that video about Parker!! Thank you for sharing. What an amazing opportunity you gave tell a story that's important to them. Bravo to you!! Bravo to your students!! And fight on, Parker!!

  4. "Little moments of JOY that would go unnoticed if I wasn't waiting and watching for them." What a perfect way to describe celebrations! These videos are moments to treasure. Awesome! Can't wait to find out what you get for graduation. :-)

  5. So it isn't just me who braces herself for parent phone calls? I was relieved right along with you. Those videos leave no doubt--stories matter. Your teaching matters.

  6. A casual remark in a convenience store or a phone call from a mom could easily get lost in the everyday busyness, but recording these moments of joy turn them into celebrations. You are the common thread in both stories.

  7. What a great opportunity you made for your students! These stories will forever be with them. So glad a parent recognized the power in what you did for your kids.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Story matters. I'm so glad you make it matter to your students and to us. Love this.