Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What can I write about?
What can I write about?
Did my brain turn to mush?
Did all smart thought leave my brain?

I know they're in there.
They were there Sunday during #iaedchat.
People even commented and favorited
Things that I said!
And I had ideas to write about then.

I know there were thoughts in there
Yesterday--an ice day here in Iowa.
I chatted with people on Twitter
Watched the book awards online.
I had things to say about books!

I had things to write about the power of a thank-you.
I had things to write about Chloe.
I had things to write about teaching.
I had things to write about the grandkids.

But they're gone now.

Where'd they go?

All that's left are
Wandering Words
No connections
To my life.


  1. I know that feeling! I can take a walk with Max and think of all sorts of things to write about and by the time we get back home - poof those thoughts are gone. I think you can add all the above to your writer's notebook for some writing ideas in March!

  2. I know the feeling, my friend. I tend to use my phone to snap a picture to help me remember something I want to write about. I love the image of wandering words.

  3. I think the word is "stumped" or "bereft" & some days it happens. Sometimes I believe my words are all used up. I love the way you said this, Deb. I imagine you had great things for us to hear, too! Next time!

  4. Wandering words...now I know what to call this syndrome when it hits!

  5. Your slice is easy to connect to. I believe that all slicers have experienced something similar in one form or another. I sometimes think that the Black Hole or Permuda Triangle suck in the necessary words (together with socks and teaspoons)

  6. It wasn't wandering at all. I hope I can share this with my kiddos...because we all feel that way sometimes. Gathering them in this poem is an awesome idea. I'm starting to worry about March...I know that I shouldn't. Last year I actually approached with confidence. This year...hmmm. Xo

  7. I am with Tara...wandering words syndrome! Except I don't think you really have it. Your words can still resonate with us! That is what writers do :-)

  8. You manage to write eloquently about writing nothing. It is a mystery to me how you manage this. I sometimes feel just like this--like I am chasing yesterday's inspiration.

  9. The words will come back (most likely in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping)! They always do.

  10. My thoughts exactly! And today too -- I usually write Monday evenings, but I had nothing. So I waited until this morning. Still nothing. And then those wandering words made their way into a poem in my head and I jumped online to write about basically nothing. But my thoughts??? Being able to write about nothing and connect with so many is talent. Genius, right?

  11. I was so there last week. Didn't end up slicing, then felt bad about it all week. Sort of felt like I didn't have anything to say today, but made myself sit down and try, and somehow the words came. Warming up for March…