Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Snippets

Snippetsphoto © 2009 Bert Heymans | more info (via: Wylio)

1. It's impossible to take a true brain break--at least for me. Even enjoying time with friends, I am thinking of moments to write about. How will I phrase them? Can I make them come alive?

2. Audience matters. Even though I say I am writing this for me, I am constantly thinking how readers will respond.  Comments have become very important to me. They validate what I am doing. The support system I am gaining through this process is wonderful, amazing, and invigorating.

3. Chloe needs a play date.

4. When you are truly comfortable with people, you don't have to talk.

5. I need to use what I am learning about my own writing with my classes. Especially the audience part, the comments and responses. I think it is time for a silent share....


  1. I think your #2 put into words what I was thinking but could not come up with a way to say yet. Thanks!

  2. You nailed it with #1, I am constantly in the mental mode of searching for that next great idea to write about. This was not something I ever thought about prior to this challenge. #2 is critical to me too. When you put #3 into play you will probably get something to write about. Enough from me for today. (4 & 5 are worthy too)

  3. I am always thinking what would people like to hear about? What matters to me and what would matter to the reader? Then I am always surprised by the comments that people actually like reading what I write. I think we all share this questioning whether as young authors or more seasoned writers, audience matters.

  4. You are reading my mind. And I agree, I feel the support in the TWT community is amazing. I will say, that a few people among my family and friends think I'm a little nutty for participating in the challenge but I haven't let it deter me.

  5. Thanks all. This is what I love! You guys get it.

  6. I think #2 and blogging is an interesting intersection. The comments validate, inform, sustain me but I do have a constant conversation in my head about myself as the primary audience - only because I sometimes get caught up in "worrying" about my entries!

  7. I share your thoughts exactly about #2. I write for me, but I'm constantly wondering how my audience will respond. I remind myself that I'm my primary audience because I don't know exactly who will read my post and I'm while I'm writing for me, I still hope others read my blog...and I wonder how my post will be received. Comments keep me going. You have stated all this much more eloquently than I just did! :) Thanks for your post!