Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SOLS #2: You Shook Me All Night Long

It's 7:30am as I walk to my classroom. Many rooms are dark at this time, but if the lights are on, the room is quiet and peaceful. The teacher readies his or her room for the day.

My "roomie", Libby,  and I arrive at the same time today and have about five minutes to talk before the first student walks in the room. It's H., one of Libby's Spanish students in for a little tutoring before she heads off to her college class. Their heads bent over a recent test, Libby gently questions her as to why she chose the answers she did and helps her reason through the other answers until she chooses the right one. H leaves for her college class, feeling pretty good about herself.

As she leaves, in rolls I. a member of my Battle of the Books team. She missed a couple of meetings so she announces that she brought donuts to "suck up a little bit". Soon two more members of the team arrive and the giggling and joking begin.  I's phone rings. "You Shook Me All Night Long" and I think, how appropriate the song is for our room--the room that is never quiet. They soon settle down as I give them the author quiz.

"Where's B?"  they whine, "She's the one who knows all the authors and the spellings." A quick text to her with the promise of a donut... B and D come in close together and the wondering where J is begins.  They finish the test, the 8:05 bells rings, a quick decision on when to take the "Battle" test and off they go to their first hour class.....

I love the chaos. I love that kids feel comfortable here. I love teaching.


  1. Your title got me!! I'm a retired 7th grade teacher and I know what you mean! You have helped me relive those days--great slice.

  2. Lucky kids to have a place where they feel so comfortable. Kudos to you for creating that environment and relationship.

  3. Tam--I love 7th grade and taught reading and English for about 15 years. I switched to the high school a few years ago to teach Speech and Creative Writing, my first two loves.

    and thanks, Elsie. It is great--tomorrow I'll write about AFTER school! That's even crazier

  4. Your Slice makes me want to go back to subbing again. I use to really love it but got out of it this year.

    when I grow up, I want to own a bookstore with a coffee shop too. haha

  5. Like the new background!!! Way too cute!!!! I added a gadget to post to blogs to mine!

  6. Thanks for the fun glimpse into your classroom. I love that you put a picture with your post. I always enjoy seeing others' rooms - the bright colors are great!