Saturday, March 12, 2011

Power Speech

The alarm rings at 5:15, but I have actually been awake since 4:30 (that's AM, people). My mind is skimming over all the details for the day, mentally checking off the things I have already done, prioritizing the things that still need to be done and panicking over the things I'm not sure I have done.

It's State Speech Contest day.  The last one of the year (unless someone goes to All-State).  My mind is also thinking "Next week after school..."  I haven't had after school time since November. I'm ready to not worrying about whether someone is waiting to rehearse in the morning. I'm ready to head home at 4:00 instead of 5:30. I think I am ready to be done.

To Be Continued...

After an unusually quiet bus ride (well, except for the game of catch with the "crustable"), we have arrived. It is now 9:00am and the nerves are hitting the morning performers. I spend some time calming nerves and letting students know that no matter what their rating today, I am proud of how far they have come.

Things are calming down as lunch time nears, though I do have a freshman who says she has an upset stomach and is dizzy. I think it's nerves, but I did tell her to lay down and rest a bit. She doesn't perform until 3 and she could really work herself up if she doesn't relax now!

Boy, am I tired. Keeping kids upbeat and ready to perform is always harder work than I think.  Kids are doing well. Many Division 1 ratings, which they are understandably proud of.  It's harder for the kids who are getting Division 2's.  They usually put in as much hard work as the others, but for some reason, the piece and they just didn't click. The kids who always do the best are those who find pieces for themselves, something they connect with.

Thankfully, most centers are running ahead of schedule and all our students have performed. We are just waiting for ballots. So what do crazy speech kids do while they wait?  Play NINJA. Don't ask--I couldn't explain it.

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