Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Last (?) Snow Day

Brown grass peeked through in places. The mud and the slush created hazardous walking. Through the downspouts small rivers appeared. Spring was definitely on the way.

Then the dreaded words: Winter Storm Watch. They changed to Winter Weather Advisory.

I turned on the TV this morning just in time to see we were delaying the start of school two-hours. Time for an extra cup of coffee. Time to throw in a load of laundry. Time to correct a few papers.

I am drawn to the TV screen. It's like watching a train wreck. I watch as one by one the neighboring schools are canceling. I know what is coming.



  1. Today was my first day back after two snow days - we have now had a total of four. Another storm is expected to hit tomorrow night into Friday. I begged my principal today not to cancel school no matter what! We are now going to be in session until June 22 - ugh!

  2. OK, Aimee, that made me feel better. Although today was our 7th snow day, we are finished on May 27th, I believe. Of course we start in mid August...

  3. Hey there should be no more of this I brought back Aruba SUN.
    And guess what? We have a Writing Project day of renewal set for tomorrow and there's talk of early morning snow/sleet in our WP area.

  4. I love the lines when you described how you are drawn to watching the TV like it is a train wreck. That is so true! We have an automated system that robo-calls everyone. But I still turn on the TV to see who else is canceled. I hope we are done with snow days too. I think we are going until June 13th but we don't go back until after Labor Day.

  5. Perfect slice! Love the details! We did not go a full week of school the whole month of January. Crazy weather!

  6. Nice picture. I've always loved snow days even as an adult. Something exciting about school being canceled even though I like school.

  7. Tee hee... I would give ANYTHING for a snow day! Living in a city, Minneapolis, in Minnesota, we are way too prepared for big snow storms... we don't get canceled for anything. In contrast, when I lived in Seattle, school was canceled if the weather man said the word snow. It has been an adjustment, to say the least! Growing up in North Dakota, I always laughed at Seattle snow days. After moving to Minnesota, I realize now how much I LOVED every one of those snow days! Grass is always greener?!?! :) I would give anything for just ONE day to go back to bed... drink a cup of tea in my own home... sit on the couch with a book in the daylight hours and toggle between watching snow fall, reading, and dozing! :) Hope the end is in sight for your snow days!