Monday, March 7, 2011

I Do Not Want to Get Out Bed Today

A real dust bunnyphoto © 2011 Chris Baskind | more info (via: Wylio)

My bed missed me while I was gone.
It gets rumpled when I leave for too long.
I think I'll stay and cuddle it awhile.

The dust bunnies lurk like Lilliputions
Waiting to jump out and frighten me.
I think I'll stay and hide out awhile.

Teacher homework lies waiting in my bag,
Ready to squash any hopes of "me time" this morning.
I think I'll stay and avoid it awhile.

No one made my coffee,
There is snow in the forecast.
My favorite pants are in the wash.
My car needs to be cleaned.
My room is too cold.

The SSB's have had a weekend
To plan for more stupidity.
I think I'll stay....


  1. Clever poem, I've had those kinds of Mondays too. Hope your day was better, once you got into it.

  2. I like the repetition, & see that you've made another list, of things to do! Don't we all keep those 'have-to's' in our head?

  3. SSB's....oh the dread and horror. Nice poem. Very brave. Far braver than I.

    Thoughts I had today: A powerpoint of your classes' 6 word memoirs for Expressions.

  4. Wouldn't our students be surprised how many times we would like to play hooky. Great post.

  5. Cool! I really like this! Thanks for writing a poem--a perfect Monday morning poem!

  6. Wow - amazing dust bunny, surely you snuck that out of my house!
    For some reason your poem reminded me of how, as a child, I used to pile up all my stuffed animals in my bed before I left for school - to keep my bed warm. (It was a long time before I understood why it didn't work.)

  7. Love the sounds like most of my mornings. The picture is adorable too. We call dust bunnies, dust huskies in our house...they may devour you, so stay in bed a little longer. ;)

  8. Sometimes the only thing you can do about the day is to compose word pictures to explain and describe. Lovely post with a lovely set of images to get my mind working. I think I'll slouch back into bed, too!

    Elizabeth E.

  9. Nice poem. It takes so much talent to write poetry I think. Congrats.