Friday, March 25, 2011


There he stood in his uniform, looking like the man, the soldier he had become. Was it only six months ago he sat in my classroom?

I hugged him. I wanted to cry.

Daniel has always been a mature young man, but as he looked around at students, who just last year were his classmates, I'm sure even he had to notice how much he has changed in the time he'd been gone.  Thinner face and tired eyes. Eager to share with me what he had learned over the last few months, wanting to tell me what his future holds, we talked through most of my prep period. He continued to wander in and out of my morning classes, using my room as his landing spot.

It was his first day home on leave.  In two weeks, he'll be gone, guarding "nukes" out west.  I am happy he isn't being deployed to Afghanistan or elsewhere, but wonder just how safe he is.  No one ever told me in my education classes that I would become so attached to students.


  1. It is very hard not to get attached -- and how quickly students grow....right before your eye . You obviously are an important person for Daniel. He sounds like a very special student.

  2. It's hard not to get attached. We spend so much time helping, teaching, supporting. I like the way you showed so much in your words, like "thinner face and tired eyes". And that last, "No one ever told me..." It was great that he came back to see you.

  3. What a tough challenge. Your description of Daniel is haunting. A hard post to write but probably satisfying to share with us