Saturday, January 7, 2017

Celebrate 1: The Start of a New Year

Discover. Play. Build.

Tuesday was an ice day.  And while I now hate the ice and the teeny tiny shuffling steps across it to get from the parking lot to the school, I really needed Tuesday at home.

The boys and their families left from our family Christmas celebration about noon on Sunday. Greg and I did a quick sweep through the house and did a "five minute pick-up". But we were exhausted. Cleaning would wait. We watched basketball instead :) 

I though I would clean on Monday and take down the decorations. But, the football game was on and we started watching The Crown" on Netflix. Oh, is it a good one (the show, NOT the football game). So again, I procrastinated taking down decorations and cleaning. The weekend was coming. I would do it then.

Freezing rain overnight saved the day. Finally, Tuesday, with no school, no school work, I put everything away. And we are back to "normal".

Wednesday was the first day of classes and the start of new classes. It was short because we had a 2 hour late start, but that was OK. It was just good to get back into the routine of school. I missed my kids :)  I also have an education student with me during the month of January from a nearby college. It was a hectic week for him to start, but we'll get ourselves back on track Monday.

A couple of moments stand out for me this week. 
  • Two of my girls from last semester's College Prep Lit class showed up the second day of this semester. They missed our discussions and books. I invited them back anytime they wanted to come and join in. 
  • I teach Contemporary Lit also this semester. Current or fairly current YA Lit. We start with a class novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I love this book. We start with just flipping through the book. What do you notice? And then, I read the first chapter out loud and we talk about Junior. Kids got it right away. "He's so smart!" They were so excited, I read the second chapter out loud also. 
  • The next day, a student came in saying, "I'm sorry Mrs. Day. I had to read ahead."  I laughed. She wasn't the only one. A "non-reader" boy was about half way through the book. Two other girls read the whole book! They all loved it.  I may have to adjust some plans, but I got what I wanted. Kids are reading.
There were more celebrations (I keep a post-it in my bullet journal for writing down celebrations), but these were my favorites. And I'm writing there's that :)


  1. Getting back to "normal" is always such a comfort for me too! I love how you are keeping a list of celebrations in your bullet journal. Great idea! I may steal it!

  2. Love that those students came back for "more", not surprised! And love about The Absolutely True Diary. I held several groups with it in the past-awesome for grand conversations. I'm glad to hear more from you, keep writing!

  3. We're watching The Crown too. But it's been awhile since we've made time for an episode. Maybe today! I love your celebrations of books, students, and even a snow day. Happy Saturday!

  4. Sometimes all you need is one extra day to get things in order. It doesn't happen often when the day comes along. I was lucky to have my winter holiday continue this week. Still could use one more day. ;)

  5. I am always thankful for the unplanned ice days! Have you ever read Crooked River? It is a thoughtful two part chapter book that really touched me about the plight of Native Americans.

  6. I think we could always use "one more day." :) Such a great week you had, Deb! I love that you had visitors from your last class and that your current class is full of students who can't help but getting lost in a good book. Hope next week is full of many more celebrations you can record in your bullet journal. Happy new year to you!

  7. I just bought that book with a B&N gift card. I haven't started yet, but now I want to. The cold didn't reach us until today, Saturday, so no ice day for us. I love your laid back it'll-get-done-eventually attitude.

  8. We had a 2-hour delay in a short week too, and that made it a little easier to get movin'. I read True Diary right before Christmas and loved it! I am not sure my 6th graders need to read it so I have not put it in my library. Happy Weekend! (And thanks for the compliment on my blog!)

  9. Deb, I am still here in the middle of the winter storm trying to not get overwhelmed with Christmas decoration clean-up. It's tough going since I have a sore throat infection and my son came down with a whopping cold that seems to made its way to me now. So I think my best plan is to carry a it will get done attitude so that I can sneak in some of my favorite things to do.

  10. We are in the midst of a new winter storm. Woke up to a text canceling my flight for tomorrow morning. I must say, it felt good to re-book for Tues morning. Perhaps I'll be ready by then "to get back into the routine" ... maybe.