Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Revisiting MOMENTS

2016 has been bittersweet.
Staying in the MOMENT has been difficult.
But I tried.

I wasn't sure I could write this post, that there were any joyful moments to share. I seemed to have blocked many out. So I took some time and scrolled through my Facebook page. Do you know what I found there????

Lots of joyful moments. Moments important enough that I shared them with friends and family.

My students created many of these moments. Speech kids always give me laughs and reasons to be proud. While last year wasn't our best, it definitely had fun moments for us all.  Throughout the year there were unexpected meetings with former students--JOYful meet ups that reminded me I have made a difference in at least a few lives.

I also worked with an amazing student teacher last year, who gave me back my enthusiasm for teaching. I credited her with my JOY in teaching this year.

There were moments with friends and family. My husband and I love spending as much time as we can with those important in our lives and 2016 made that more important.  In September, we lost our dear friend, Tom, to cancer. Tom wanted one more summer at the lake. He got that, passing away on the first day of fall.

But before he passed, we shared many cherished moments with Tom and his family and our friends. Each concert, each meal, each day spent sharing memories became more precious. And while we are sad he is gone, the summer reminded us why it's important to stay in the moment.

So good-bye 2016. You are leaving, but the moments will remain as precious memories.


  1. I think the more we focus on those joyful, good memories and thoughts, the more they become apparent. Here's to a new year and lots of JOYful times.

  2. So much joy comes from reflection...even the hard parts! Glad you were able to find and share those moments that mattered.

  3. It's good to have these reminders of the way joy has stayed in our lives even through sad times. 2016 has been rough on so many fronts. Here's hoping 2017 brings more consistently-bright skies!

  4. Both, the good and the bad, are part of our lives. You showed how valuable it is to collect and share the positive in our lives. Otherwise we might forget or focus on the sad and bad only. I understand how loss of a friend fills a big part of the heart with sadness. I wonder what your new OLW will be. I still remember Aloha.