Saturday, March 1, 2014

Welcome to Coffee With Chloe (1/31)

Join the fun of the March Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers
Hard to believe this is my fourth Slice of Life Challenge.

Four years.

A lot has changed.

Two more grand kids have been born.

We bought a new trailer at the lake.

My husband and I took a trip to Hawaii.

I've taught approximately 500 kids.

Coached 180 speech events

Graded approximately 1600 Creative Writing papers and
792 Blog posts

And written 409 blog posts of my own.

It's been a great ride.

I wrote on Tuesday that I considered not participating this year. Not seriously, mind you, but I did think about it.

And in the end, the decision maker was that I am a teacher of writers. And in order to do that, I need to write.

She's also the mom to me, Chloe. And I hate March. I could use a little attention. You see how busy she is. There's not a whole lot of time left for me!

Once in awhile Mom lets me write. I like that. I promise this year to not complain too much ( I know I did that a lot last year). 

Here's  a little bit about me:

I like my best friends, Bella and Teddy (but Gus, not so much)

I like playing with my kids--especially Max!

I love getting in the garbage (do you know how much  good stuff they throw away?)

LOVE my snow hill to play on

I like playing fetch with my football.

I like lots of people (not the mailman though)

And the lake---I really like the lake and summer!

Oh, and I like sleeping with Mom when Dad goes away.

Well, now you've met us both.  I hope you'll join Chloe and I as we begin another year of slicing.

Until tomorrow!


  1. Chloe is so cute. Glad to meet you both as part of #sol14.

  2. yes the month of March and SOL means that SOMETHING has to give....some of the cleaning, cooking, dog walking will be shorter and less thorough....and yet we keep coming back because we know the power of writing to make our lives complete....see you tomorrow!

  3. Deb, I'm glad you weren't serious!
    The ending line to your poem speaks to my heart. I believe that more than I believe anything else about teaching writing.
    Also, we don't mind if Chloe complains. I mean, with that face?

  4. My fourth, too! Hope Chloe can stop by Noah's place to meet him. Chloe does like cats, right? Noah loves dogs...pretty much!
    Have a great March!

  5. Hurray. It's good to know that fourth year slicers are returning. It is going to be a busy month, but oh, how fun (when we ignore the stress.) Happy writing!

  6. Love the feeling of starting this challenge - and am grateful you, and Chloe, will be writing. :)

  7. Chloe is beautiful and please thank her for me. I want to read your writings and I appreciate her sharing you with all of us:)

  8. So glad that you are "in" Deb - and that Chloe is participating, too!

  9. Deb, so glad that you decided to keep writing. I really enjoy getting to know you and Chloe through your slices. Can't wait to hear from Chloe too. Max is biting at the bullet to get some writing time in too.

  10. Can you believe it? Four years? That's amazing and we are still here writing. Because that is what matters. We write.

  11. There is a bunch of us who started that year. I liked hearing your 'overview' of the past three years-a lovely time reading your posts, Deb, & hearing from you, too, Chloe!

  12. Of course you couldn't stay away from the challenge. Hope Chloe forgives you! The rest of us are cheering!

  13. Poor Chloe. But lucky us. I look forward to hearing from you each day!

  14. So glad you decided to slice on this year and love hearing Chloe's commentary too--she is such a gorgeous dog and so kind hearted! I'm a slicing year behind you and lucky to have had a warm welcome from you and so many others yearly slicers. Happy Saturday!

  15. Hello to Deb and Chloe! It's March and it feels like a reunion! Looking forward to reading your slices.

  16. YEAH! I'm so glad that you decided to come back for another year of Slicing. I'm looking forward to hearing more from Chloe and some great stories about the Grandkiddos.

  17. Excited to read your slices again this year! I actually thought about not slicing this year also -- because I'm not in the classroom this year, so I thought maybe I wouldn't have much to contribute. But in the end, I couldn't stay away. Glad you couldn't, either. :)