Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5/31 The Never Ending Winter

Beautiful, isn't it? Like one of those postcards you often see. If I could have gotten to the road, you'd see it is snow covered, with just a track or two.....

Pristine. White. Undisturbed

I'd prefer SNIRT...that dirty snow on the edges that prove snow is melting and spring is coming.

The weather guy on one channel this morning
said there is about 18 inches of snow
on the ground
throughout their viewing area.

I've got news for him.

We have more than that.

Another 6 inches or so last night. A winter weather advisory, 2-7 inches predicted. We, of course, received the high end.  20 miles away, they received an inch and a half. It's been that way all winter.

Last week's storm destroyed our crabapple tree. The one you can see shining pink for five blocks as you drive down our street in the spring

Please, winter. Enough already.


  1. You guys have definitely had more than your share over that way! Hang in there...think spring and the lake this summer!

  2. SNIRT.
    Love that.
    Now I'll be saying it in my head all day long.

  3. Yes, it does sound like it's been a never ending winter!! Yet, I find so much beauty when everything is covered in fresh snow. Maybe it's because I haven't seen snow in a while.... :)
    --jee young

    1. Would you like me to send you some. I have plenty

  4. Deb, those pictures tell the tale beyond the beauty there's a reality! Let's get to the beach. I leave on Sunday :)

  5. Ugh - that white stuff has lost its charm as far as I am concerned.

  6. Lots of snirt in Kentucky today. One-hour delay tomorrow.

  7. I think we are all ready for spring and warm temps. It's coming, I can see it on the calendar.

  8. Maybe another trip to Hawaii would be in order!

  9. Oh my. I can't believe we live in the same state! We have been so lucky this winter in my area. We have a little on the ground, but w/40 degree temps predicted for tomorrow I know much of it will be gone. I'm hoping the warmer temps come your way to - to start melting your snow! Hang in there!

  10. It's going to be a while before you see snirt. So sad about the crabapple tree. Wah!

  11. We have just the touch, about 4 inches last night then it's all gone today-wierdest winter ever. The mountains have had huge amounts. And then the storm moved fast on your way-so sorry Deb. What a time!

  12. I love the way you added the pictures to your descriptions. I'm hoping to get more technologically savvy before this month is over so that I can do something like this as well.
    Snow is beautiful but I am definitely a summer girl!

  13. It is so hard to completely understand what this must mean day after day! I read about this crazy winter from you and the rest of our Slicer team. Hang in there and before you know it it will be time to go to the lake!

  14. I'm calling UNCLE, too! Today my youngest said, "Grass, I miss you so!"