Monday, March 3, 2014

3/31 You Didn't Tell Us It Was That Good

In they walk. 
The alumni and the seniors, plus a couple of tag along freshmen.
A look of disbelief on their faces.
And with them, a freshmen girl I know has just performed.

"What?" I ask, afraid a catastrophe has struck.  Did she go over time and get disqualified? 
No, couldn't be. She was well within the time limits.
Did she blank and forget what she was saying? 
No. She got to take her script.

"That was amazing!" I don't remember who said it, but the others all agreed and began with their own superlatives. 
"I feel so stupid now" 
"I can't believe she did that."
"Is the other one that good?" (Another freshman girl was sick and couldn't perform on Saturday).
"Yes. It's that good too," I respond.
"It was even inspiring. I just did a dumb book review because I liked the book." This from a senior who has performed in Reviewing since she was a freshman and is VERY good at it."

They shake their heads over and over in amazement.
The freshman girl just stands there, smiling,  basking in the praise. I look at her and say, "They don't do this for everyone. It must have gone really well."
She nods.

"I don't know why you are all so surprised. I told you she was good."
Yea, but we didn't know you meant THAT good."


  1. That support and camaraderie between fellow students is a testament to your leadership. Sounds like you will have a great speech team for years to come.

  2. That's a special moment! Definitely worth celebrating.


  3. I'm blank right now -
    standing in the silence
    of the aftermath
    of the stage lights -
    trying to remember
    what my voice did when I wasn't listening
    and whose ears collected my words
    when I wasn't speaking,
    and what it means to finally


  4. Sometimes - with books, movies, travels, and yes, performances - no one can tell you how good it is. You have to experience it for yourself. Great story here.

  5. Usually we only hear the negative of what our children have done, but here you have shown how positive a group of young people can be and how supportive. You truly have a great groups of kids which goes along with being a great teacher!

  6. What a great story and what a moment of acceptance for a freshman! That isn't easy trying to fit in with a group of upperclassmen. They should be commended for their positive attitudes!

  7. It must have felt wonderful to be "that good", Deb. Good for you, and for the student too!

  8. Love when the kids step up! Makes us all proud!