Sunday, March 30, 2014

30/31 Foggy Early Morning Brain

Feet barely moving, one in front of the other.

What am I doing up so early? We don't leave until noon. I have most things packed and ready to, my notebook, information for trip, underwear, pj's...

Well, not really.
I still haven't decided exactly what I will wear when we visit schools.

Black pants both days? Or blue? Or brown?
I only want to take one pair of shoes, and everyone knows you can't wear black, blue or brown shoes with the other colors.

Definitely want tennis shoes on the plane. And for those times when we aren't in school.

What do I need to download on my iPad?
WAIT. Am I taking my iPad?  After all, I'm taking my computer. What am I thinking? Of course I will take both. Because as sure as I don't, I'll want the other one. Silly, I know, especially since I have an iPhone, but I need my technology with me.

It all goes.

Back to the clothes.

No. Fix another cup of coffee first. Wake up the brain. Maybe a shower will help.

Don't forget to rewrite the sub note with the new plans for freshmen. Maybe I should leave a bit early and double check my room again. Make sure everything is laid out. I did do that on Friday, didn't I?

And I have to remember to download online magazines to the iPad. Won't be able to do that on the plane. Maybe my new album too. Better check that now. And throw the cords for everything in the suitcase.

I wonder what the weather will be in New Hampshire this week? Ugh. A lot like home. Well, at least I'll know how to dress! Now if I could just decide what that will be.....

Maybe I'll fix another cup of coffee....


  1. I've gotta say, this sounds like normal brain to me. I have the exact clothing conversation with myself before traveling. (I always go with black shoes and outfits that match them.) I hope you have a great trip! Sounds like you're ready.

  2. One more cup of coffee will help clear everything up! Good thing you decided to dress before drinking coffee. I would have spilled something on my travelling clothes....Happy travelling to you!

  3. Just wondering - is this your spring break trip? And why are you visiting schools on spring break? Oops! Not spring break since you're leaving sub plans (my brain isn't quite awake either). Must be a wonderful PD opportunity. We want to know more.

    1. We don;t get a spring break in my district, Ramona. Have several 3 and 4 day weekends spread throughout. This is a PD trip--we're investigating Competency Based Education and Pittsfield School District known for their program. Can't wait to find out more about it

  4. Hope you have a good trip, Deb, despite the weather. So funny to see your thoughts-mine exactly when I'm planning!

  5. I understand how those early mornings before a trip are foggy! I love how your shared your thinking. I'm eager to hear more about Pittsfield after your visit!