Monday, March 17, 2014

17/31 Things I Love

Today is my birthday. And every year that I have written in the challenge, I have written a list of some kind. First, I wrote about the things I had learned.

Then I wrote about things I just didn't understand

Oops. Last year I wrote about missing the grandkids....

This year, in the spirit of Aloha, I'm listing things I love. I found the idea here.  I've been working on it in my writer's notebook, hoping to create a scrapbook page one of these years, but thought I'd share the list here.

Things I Love

1. Max's twinkling eyes  
2. Kaylee's giggles
3. Tony's sense of humor
4. Boston's questions
5. Angelina's soft blue eyes
6. Hayden's grins
7. Conferencing with students
8. Speech rehearsals
9. Informal chats with kids
10. Morning hugs
11. Passion
12. Live Music
13. Big Books
14. Sandbar
15. Sunset Cruises
16. Snow crocus
18. Surprise flowers
19. Chloe sleeping on the couch
20. Chloe greeting me when I get home
21. Sunday mornings at the lake
22. Twitter chats during inservice
23. Snow days
24. Rainy days at the lake
25. Giving little gifts 
26. 3 hour early out days
27. Hot chocolate and peanut butter toast
28. Sunny days and frosty drinks
29. Floating on the lake
30. Shorts and a sweatshirt
31. PJ days
32. Riding the roller coaster every summer
33. Outdoor concerts at the park
34. American Idol
35. Purple Pens
36. Brown Pens
37. New books in smiley faced boxes
38. When my boys come home
39. Perfect birthday gifts
40. And the people who pick them out
41. Professional conferences
42. Low humidity
43. Books that make me think
44. Books that make me cry
45. Books that make me laugh
46. The Nadas (my summer band!)
47. Sunrise over the mountains
48. Sunset over water
49. Hawaiian rain
50. Iowa Ed Chat  #iaedchat
51. Monday mornings at the lake
52. Morning coffee anytime
53. A glass of really good red wine
54. My peach sangria
55. My school family
56. My semi-retired husband
57. Cinnamon crispies

To be continued.....


  1. I love this idea! Always makes us feel better to see what things we have to be thankful for and that make us happy! Thanks for the idea!

  2. First a very Happy Birthday to you!!!! I love lists and this is a great one! Isn't it amazing how the simplest things are what we love best!

  3. Happy Birthday! I smiled throughout reading your list.

  4. So much to be thankful for, so much to love, so much to share. Happy, happy birthday, Deb.

  5. If only the people in #40 remembered #39. But yeah for #55! Happy birthday lady!

  6. What a wonderful day to have a birthday, Deb. I didn't remember, and should have! Happy happy special birthday! I think it must be a good life if you can make a list of 57 things and have it be continued, too! FYI-I love peanut butter toast too!

  7. Happy Birthday, Deb - and that's a long list of wonderful things - a rich life, indeed.

  8. Happy day to you!! I'm guessing no snow day or 3 hour early release ... so enjoy it as it is -- YOUR day! Hmm.. I love hot chocolate and I love peanut butter toast, but I have never combined the two! So much to love. Your list is fabulous! My birthday is coming up soon and I'm known for lists too... Deb, I hope you know you deserve to be celebrated every day, but I hope you celebrate BIG today!

  9. Happy Birthday! I like this list idea! There are so many great things on wonder you love them all! =)

  10. Happy Birthday! The ones about the sunrise and sunset are my favorites!