Sunday, March 16, 2014

16/31 For My Seniors

Senior girls--didn't get one with the boys  :(

I sit in classrooms
Not my own
And watch you,
Students of mine,
Hold the attention of a room.

I marvel 
At the growth,
the maturity,
the composure, 
I see in you today.

It wasn't so long ago
I comforted,
I consoled,
I reassured,
And dared you to 
Give it one more try.

Here you are.
All grown up.
Handling your own nerves.
Knowing what I will say
Even without hearing it.

And behind you,
Watching you,
Wanting to be you
Are those who will 
In your footsteps.

The next generation.

Thank you for showing them the way


  1. Your pride in your students show thru in every word you write. They are truly amazing kids because of an amazing teacher. How hard it must be each year to let them go, but there are more coming each year for you to mentor and develop.

  2. I love this poem that you have written to your students. I would have loved to have had a teacher like you. :) They are very lucky.

  3. I have enjoyed reading about your speech kids. Way back when, I was on speech team during my high school days. I learned so much from those experiences. Our teacher sponsor, Miss Bloemker, was so special to you are to your students, who have internalized your encouragement. Miss Bloemker was the only one of my high school teachers who kept up with me after I went to college...she even gave me a wedding gift!

  4. So sweet, Deb. I often have regretted not teaching high school. They are so wonderful, just getting ready for life. I love when I get to visit former students in their performances-a peek, like when you share too. This is lovely.

  5. Thank you for investing in these students. My own children had "a little" speech experience in high school, and that continues to serve them well. These students are blessed to have you.