Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Silly Freshmen

Monday has been designated as "Blogging Day" in my two freshmen English classes. Some Mondays we work on writing the post of the week. Other weeks we comment on blog posts written by students in some classrooms we are connecting with. It's always fun to read what's going on in other places.

But yesterday, we commented on the blogs of a class of third graders in our district.

"Mrs. Day, this one can't spell at all."
         Do the best you can. Let me see. Ignore the spelling, their                teacher will take care of that. Just write  back to them.

"Mrs. Day, this one only wrote one sentence. Why do we have to write 200 words or more"?
         I'm sure they are supposed to write more. Maybe they had trouble thinking of more to write. Why         don't you ask them some questions.

Mrs. Day, I don't know what this one is trying to say."
         Do the best you can. Let me see. Comment back, ask them questions.

"Mrs. Day...." at this point, I am ready to change my name.

To the class I say, "Remember, they are nine. At nine you weren't perfect. You misspelled things--you still misspell things. At nine, your grammar wasn't perfect--it still isn't perfect. Just write back to them. Because remember how cool it would have been to have a HIGH SCHOOLER comment on your blog when you were in third grade."

They think about that. Little smiles appear on faces and they settle in to write. Many of them read more of the posts than the one I assigned. They began to take their comments seriously.

I only hope they spelled things right!


  1. What a great way to get kids writing with purpose.

  2. It's so hard remembering life as a third grader. This is such a great connection for both grade levels.

  3. Invaluable lessons learned on both sides. Thank you Mrs. Day( said with no complaints :)!

  4. You made me think (no, not about grammar and spelling) how I could arrange a day of blogging for my high school ELLs with only two student computers in the class. Maybe a schedule like "Daily 5" for one day a week (remember elementary stations?). Thank you for ideas again!

    1. I have found that if I just schedule it, we get it done. Otherwise, it seems like an easy thing to dump when the schedule gets hectic!

  5. I love your humor, Deb! It's a tight turn around that you made work in this slice -- such a powerful narrative technique. You're right -- I bet your kids made the third graders days!

  6. I love this cross-school, cross-district, cross-age collaboration. What a neat endeavor!

  7. Great idea! I wonder if I can do something similar with my 7th graders. Thanks!

  8. I absolutely love that you had your high school students comment on 3rd graders' blogs - even if it made you want to change your name. :)

  9. So wonderful for those third graders, and those high schoolers to experience this, Deb.

  10. What a cute idea! It would be cool to see some of their interactions :)

    Sarah @YA Love

  11. We started blogging this year and my kids are loving it. Some times I think they enjoy commenting and getting comments more than they do writing the post. I love the idea of "partnering" with another class.

  12. Love that you included that beginning dialogue with your students, Deb, & then your ending, such a chuckle. We all know that even our older students don't spell it all right! funny, but so nice that they are writing those young students. The young ones will love it!

  13. I love that your kids are making such meaningful connections with the little guys! And I'll bet the little ones are thrilled to read these comments!

  14. What a great way to collaborate through the grade levels! I loved this sentence: Little smiles appear on faces and they settle in to write. It reminded me that collaboration is good for both parties!

  15. Loved this good idea, loved your telling the story of how it looks in practice. Thanks!