Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Memories

Yesterday Jo Knowles posted one last Teacher's Write prompt.  Find a picture and write a list poem.  It's been rolling around in my head since then...
I think this is also going to be one of my first prompts for my students

It's over.

Summer, I mean. 
Where did it go? 
One day it was here and 
the next it was
Soaked up by the sun
Blown away by the wind
Lapped up by the waves

Play around in my mind
Giggling grandkids
Sitting in the lake
Squirt guns
Golf days spent searching for the shade
Concerts with friends
Lovely weddings
Long lovely days of 

Summer promises to be back
in the 
Tinkling of ice cubes
Caressing of warm breezes and
Screeching of the gull
Warm afternoons 

But the chill in the mornings
Evenings of sweatshirts and fires
Autumn's arrival


  1. Beautiful! I love the use of the verbs;tinkling, caressing and screeching.

  2. You have created a great mentor text for the students. You've had a busy, eventful, wonderful summer. I love the line "Summer promises to be back..." Even though we mourn the passing, there is something hopeful in that phrase. It will be back before you know it. Have a great last few days and a super year!

  3. "Long lovely days of doing absolutely nothing." I've enjoyed a few of those myself this summer by intentionally doing less and saying no. This summer was a delight.
    I love the line - "Memories playing around in my mind." Hopefully those playful memories and summer's promise to return will carry us joyfully into this new school year. I always spend some time with my students kissing summer goodbye and then embracing festive fall. May I use your poem to introduce this activity?

  4. okay I just loved your ending...because I love the changing of the seasons!!! I feel ready for a new poem about fall...loved it and the kids will too. Thanks for the idea. xo

  5. love it! you captured the "long lovely days" perfectly! would have made me sad for summer's end... except your line "evenings of sweatshirts and fires" is a great reminder that there are plenty of things to enjoy about fall too! Thank you!

  6. My sentiments exactly. I start feeling this the first of August. I love your idea of taking one picture to set yourself on a writing journey. I took a big break this summer. I needed to. It feels good to be back. Thanks for reading my post.

  7. That first verse is wonderful Deb, along with the rest of course. It's rather bittersweet isn't it? But I love: "Soaked up by the sun
    Blown away by the wind
    Lapped up by the waves"

    Exactly!! Thank you for writing for all of us. And for the idea prompt via Jo Knowles.

  8. Great post and it sure says it all for those of that return back next week!

  9. I absolutely love your first stanza! The actions words used to describe how summer disappears. What a fun (and a little sad) slice! Wonderful memories for a wonderful summer!

  10. Oh, I loved this, Deb - so many parts. It made me sigh.

  11. I like the second to last verse where you write about the way summer continues to flirt with us as we transition into fall.

  12. Deb,
    Your list poem captures the essence of Summer trending into Fall...sad but yet exciting at the same time. I used Jo Knowles Monday Morning warm-ups a lot! I hope she continues to post them. Another thing I saw on Twitter yesterday was Jody Feldman used it to randomly generate a phrase for her writing-don't you love technology? Happy back to school! :o