A Little Bit About Chloe and I

I am a school geek. I love everything about it--the smells, the books, the notebooks and pens. I count the days until  the first day of school and make New Year's Resolutions each year.  I look forward to new groups of students and new lessons.  

I am married and the mother of two sons.  They are both married and have blessed my husband and I with SIX grandkids.  How in the world did I end up with six grandkids???  I just can't be that old.

Chloe: After a Haircut
My husband and I also have a Goldendoodle by the name of Chloe.  She and I write this blog about my life and teaching.  I think it's important to read and write every day, and the blog is one way I am able to do that. You'll read about her periodically and she has been known to write her own posts.  

Chloe: When she needs a haircut!

7 Things Even My Friends Don't Know About Me

1. I want to teach at Hogworts. Can't think of a better teaching job.  

2. I've read Gone With the Wind 25 times and find something new in it each time. 

3. I've seen the movie that many times also (I read the book and then watch the movie).

4. I've always wanted to be the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz in a movie remake.

5. I really don't hate freshmen--or sophomore boys.

6.  I believe in Santa Claus (If you don't believe, you get underwear for Christmas! And who wants underwear for Christmas!!!)

7. I went to Luther College in Decorah as a nursing major, but changed my major the first day I was on campus.


  1. I think you and I were twins in another life. Chloe is adorable.I am now one of your followers!

  2. This list is great :). I think I'd love to have coffee with you sometime. It'd be fun. (P.S. I also changed my major the first week of my freshman year -- from journalistic communications to teaching.)

  3. a nurse! I didn't know. Love this, Deb. I learned a few more things about you, like the Gone With The Wind reading & watching. I changed my major too, to teaching instead of journalism. Hm-m-still writing! I love that you love freshman & sophomore boys, at least don't hate them. In my next life, I want to teach high school! Thanks for all!


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