Tuesday, January 3, 2017

#sol17 I Want to Remember...

Sunday, January 1

The silence is welcome, yet deafening.  Our boys and their families hit the road and should be home by now. And I am tired. a good tired. A cozy tired. A "PJ pants and new fuzzy slippers wrapped in a blanket in my favorite chair" kind of tired. But before I doze in my chair watching TV, there are some things I want to remember...

  • the grandkids' excitement for one more Christmas
  • Chloe's excitement and then despair once everyone arrived--including the new dog, Maverick.  She's not so fond of Maverick
  • Hearing "When are we going to open presents" 1,000,000 times and laughing at all of them
  • Mitch (our oldest son) checking out the presents to see what he had under the tree. Once a kid, always a kid
  • Hayden's face when he opened his "Poop" emoji slippers (I hope his mom got a good picture of that)
  • Kaylee and Angelina's excitement for their books (The Fault in Our Stars for Kaylee and Roller Girl for Angelina. I'm excited they are finally getting to the age where I know good books for them)
  • Food. Way too much food.
  • Playing Tripoly and the funny, crazy things that get said as we play. Let's just say we get a little competitive playing games :)
  • Dog cuddles
  • Boston putting together the little guys toys (Yea for grandkids who can put together toys!)
  • How fast plates of Christmas cookies disappeared
  • Laughter
  • Love shared

And now it's Tuesday. Back to school. And I have memories to make me smile.


  1. Sounds like you had a terrific holiday!!! And that any one of these things on the list could be a whole other slice on it's own! Happy 2017!

  2. All of these stories will become a "Remember when..." for your family. Especially the poop emoji! That's what holidays are all about. Hope you have a great day back!

  3. Beautiful list! I love the funny presents, too. I gave my nephew two gallons of cheese puffs. The Poop slippers are a true "gag" gift. (sorry-- had to)

  4. Yes, I recognize that silence, Deb. And those memories too. Glad for you that it happens, and happy that you had that pj and slippers, day, too. Happy New Year!

  5. And so you shall remember because you wrote this lovely memory.

  6. Memories to make me smile - delightful phrase and wonderful slice! Thanks for this glimpse into your holidays.