Friday, March 4, 2016

{solsc} 4/31 #sol16 First Hour View From My Desk

First Hour View From My Desk

Monday or Friday--
First day of piece or
the last--
The hum of the projector and
the clicking of keys are the only sounds
I hear.
They are quiet,
Oh, so quiet.
Not an ominous quiet
Like something terrible has happened.

It's the quiet of eight writers with a deadline to meet.

Real Writers
Concentrating on their piece
Enjoying the process.

This is a snippet about my first hour Creative Writing 2 class, an independent study, allowing students to write what they wish. They are the quietest, most serious group I have ever had. And they are fabulous writers.


  1. This is my heaven! It is what I miss the most about not being in the classroom anymore, especially in the month of March.
    I loved the quiet buzz of slicing that would overtake my 6th graders. Thank you for reminding me of this. I will make my way into a classroom this month and write with the students so I can remember how amazing it feels!

  2. I love the active quiet of a room of writers! I unexpectedly had a year off from teaching composition this year and will be so glad to get back to it in the fall. I miss writing in a room of writers!

  3. A writing teacher's dream come true!

  4. How wonderful! I wish I could take your class.

  5. A breath of fresh air. Peace. That doesn't happen very often anywhere.

  6. What joy to be in your classroom this morning!!! Sounds like that class would be a lot of fun! My Fridays are full of clicking, too. My 4th graders blog every Friday. So much fun!!!

  7. These moments are amazing and make everything worth the work.

  8. That kind of quiet is the BEST! My normally squirrelly classes have been in this focused silence during writing time all week (they're SO into the March Challenge this year!), and it's like heaven!!! <3

  9. Interesting that you are writing about the quietness of composition Deb. I have been focusing on this very same thing with teachers recently. How do we build respect for our fellow writers? How do we allow our best words to make it onto the page? How do we build our writing stamina. It is in the actions you have written about here in your poem. Classrooms are by nature difficult zones in which to write. So many distractions. Clearly you have laid a foundation that is bearing fruit for your young writers and yourself. Take a bow!

  10. You have brought me back to my classroom. I love the moments of quiet concentration while words flow from fingertips. I'm sure you'll have masterpieces to read soon.