Thursday, March 10, 2016

{solsc} 10/31 #sol16 5 Question Challenge: Chloe Style

A few days ago Michelle at One Grateful Teacher posted a 5 Question Challenge. Chloe read it and thought she might try it. Evidently she has a few things to share.

1. What has been your one biggest struggle this school year.
Well, I don't go to school anymore (I did for a little bit when I was a puppy, but I graduated with flying colors, so I don't have to go back anymore.) But Mom is a teacher, in case you didn't know, and my biggest problem with that is she goes to school early in the morning and comes home when it's dark out. I hate that she's gone all day and doesn't come home til supper time. Dad's home more now, but he doesn't always play with me like Mom does. But she told me yesterday that next week she will be home earlier and we can start going for walks again!

2. Share two accomplishments that you are proud of this school year?
Ummmmm. What's an a --ccom--p--lish---ment?  Hmmm. Mom says it's something I should be proud of.   Hmmmmm.  I made a new friend last month when we went to visit the Wisconsin people.  His name was Freddy and I wasn't scared of him or nothing. He was kind of annoying sometimes, but he was littler than me, so instead of laying on the floor I would just stand up and look at him and then he would leave me alone.

And, let's see, I chased a rabbit earlier this winter and almost got it.  Rabbits are really fast, in case you didn't know. I'll bet when Mom and I start walking again and I get back into running shape I'll be able to catch it.

3. What are 3 things you would like to accomplish before the end of the school year?
I would really, really, really like to go to school with Mom one day. She says there are lots of kids there and that they would like me. I love kids and getting petted and stuff.  Don't you think I should be able to go.
The other two things are easy. I want to go for walks and go back to the lake house.  I love the lake house. We went to visit people a couple times, but we haven't gone to our house and I want to.  I want to see my people and run on the beach.
And's starting to get nice out. It's been kinda warm this week--well, except for yesterday--and I like to lay in the sun in the backyard. But I would sure like to get out and move!  I've got to check and see if there are any new dogs on our walks. And those dumb squirrels start taking over if I'm not checking up on them, so it's time to go!

4. Give four reasons you remain in education despite today's rough culture.
HUH???? I don't understand most of the words in this question. But Mom tells me she keeps teaching because kids need her. I try to tell her that I do too, but she says there are kids who don't have nice Moms and Dads like I do. Mom says that some of her kids don't have many people to tell them how great they are, or smile at them, or hug them, or care if they come to school. That would be horrible. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't hug Mom and Dad every day, or if they didn't care about me. She also says even if they have nice ones at home, they need a school mom and that's what she is. 
So I guess I'll share her for a couple more years anyway.  

I know this isn't four reasons, but Mom says it's so important it counts for four.

5. Which five people do you hope will take this challenge by answering these questions?
Well, I would like my friends to answer this, but they don't have blogs and Mom's who let them write, so I guess I hope some of the other blogging kids will talk their parents into writing. Do you think they will? So, I guess, if you read this you can answer some of them if you want. It would be fun to see what you say. 

Gee. This was kind of fun. I hope Mom lets me write again soon!


  1. Oh Chloe, it's good to "hear" your voice again! :) I'm glad that you answered these questions and shared your slice with us!

  2. Well, Chloe, you did a fantastic job answering all those questions. So glad that Mom let you share your thoughts.

  3. I'm glad to read your thoughts, Chloe and see that you gave it your best go at answering, especially when they didn't really apply. But isn't it nice that Mom helped by adding in her own answer? I hope you get to that lake house soon!

  4. Sweet - Chloe has a lot to say!

  5. Sweet - Chloe has a lot to say!

  6. Hey, Chloe, our mom read this to us, so we're THINKING about hijacking her blog and answering these questions. Wh have had a busy year, but we might be able to squeeze this into our schedule.

    Your PAWsitively good friends in Idaho,
    Puck and Snug