Saturday, October 17, 2015

Small Moments

Discover. Play. Build.

when your world seems to be
in around you

when the universe 
throws so much at you that 
your JOY,
your ALOHA,
can't BALANCE things out,

you need to relish 
the small moments.

Beautiful morning mists 
hovering just above the corn

Unexpected gifts
just because they thought of you

Sharing the unshareable
with those who do not judge.

Facebook family messages
that make us laugh and smile
through tears for others.

These small moments
remind us how 
we are for those who have
come into our life.


  1. I am glad that you had these special small moments that nourish your soul. Some weeks it is easier to celebrate than others.

  2. You must know that I love sky pics, & this one is spectacular. I would celebrate, too! And I do love that sign, says much about you as a teacher that your student(s) would bring it for you. Have a great weekend, Deb.

  3. During tough times the small moments anchor us. I am glad that in the midst of difficulty you were able to notice the small moments and get strength from them. Hope your weekend is calm and joyful.

  4. We had a misty morning hovering the just-harvested corn field this week on the way to school. Love that picture. I hope you find some balance by cherishing these small things.

  5. The sky was beautiful this weekend here in Portland. I definitely seek out the little moments to get me through some days.