Saturday, December 7, 2013

Celebrate VIII

Discover. Play. Build.

My friend Ruth has started this Saturday celebration. I find that I am constantly on the lookout for those little bits of JOY that fill my day. If you want to know about this celebration, check out the page  

Ruth created on her blog.

#Nerdlution If you haven't succumbed to Twitter pressure and join the nerdlution movement or you really don't know what it is, you should check out this post by Chris Lehman  It explains everything pretty well :) I'm glad I hopped on this bandwagon because it has me working to get back to things that make me happy

Writing I've been writing more this week. Rewrote some new lesson plans. Writing out a new curriculum for some kids who have asked to do an independent study with me (Creative Writing 2!) I'm excited for this opportunity. But I've also been writing some fun things for me. I write along with my students, trying my hand at the daily prompts. Scribbling little snippets of things in my notebook. Also wrote a Twitter Haiku this morning because Kevin Hodgson tweeted this

So I wrote this as I was snuggled in with the grandkids

And, about that moving. I took my walking shoes to school and leave them in my closet. I've been walking every day after my last rehearsal.  The PE teacher told me 10 times around the square is a mile, so that's the goal every day. Takes me about 20 minutes. There's no one around but me and the janitors, so there is a lot of reflection about my day going on. I'm really enjoying this time for myself.

Well, that's it for this week. Be sure and share your celebrations over at Ruth's!


  1. You've been busy! I haven't succumbed to #nerdlution - but it's been fun watching the excitement from afar!

  2. Congrats on your #nerdultion success! Would love to here more about your independent study! Have a great week.

  3. Snuggling with grandkids is always a cause for celebration!

  4. I love the idea of walking at school after everyone is gone. I am sure it is a great time for reflection.

  5. I just wrote my #nerdlution haiku. Thank you so much for the reminder. Here's mine:
    Read, write, walk…daily
    Sharing out tweetly progress
    That’s my nerdlution!

  6. Deb, I like your idea of walking at the building. Maybe that will work better for me. Getting up early didn't work for me this week.

  7. Certainly reflecting in the 20 minute walk is much more fun than in a drive home, Deb. Good for you for the doing! Hope your weekend is terrific!

  8. Moving and writing daily - such great activities. The nudge of #nerdlution has brought joy to many people. I didn't join but cheer for the others. Cheer!