Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrate: Week 5

Discover. Play. Build.

So loving that Ruth has started this Saturday celebration. I find that I am constantly on the lookout for those little bits of JOY that fill my day. If you want to know about this celebration, check out the page Ruth created on her blog.

1. SPEECH HAS STARTED!  Since the first day of school, kids have asked, "When's speech start?" I almost should start a count down calendar :)  But this week, I started improv practices. It's good to be back. We all have a blast and laugh all the time. We are so loud some nights that others come down to check out what's going on.  I love these kids.

2. STUDENT VOICES I participated in a great chat Tuesday run by high school and college students. I was so inspired by what young people are capable of.

3. SHOPPING  Hubby and I are on our way to do a little shopping. Some for Christmas, but mostly for Hawaii!  Only 35 days!

Hope you all had an amazingly joyful week!


  1. So much energy in your voice today! Yay for speech which brings kids together. So jealous of Hawaii, but I know you will share pics.

  2. I love how this celebrations kink is bringing joy and smiles to so many posts!
    Hope you are having sunny thoughts while shopping for Hawaii!

  3. Love the alliteration in your celebrations - have fun shopping today and counting down for that trip to Hawaii!

  4. Only 35 days! Hope your shopping trip was successful! I can't believe kids like speech. That was one of the most dreaded classes when I was in school...maybe it has something to do with the teacher!

  5. Speech, students, shopping = laugh, inspiration, anticipation. 35 days will fly quickly.

  6. We are beginning a habit aren't we? Happy to hear about the Hawaii shopping-so fun!

  7. Very fun! Hawaii sounds lovely! I've never been but we have talked about going...hopefully someday sooner rather than later.