Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites

Ahhh. Friday. I can feel the weekend, it's lurking somewhere in the shadows....
In the meantime, here are my favorites from the week.

1. My seniors. (Yep. They're mine and no one else's.)
Wednesday was the last day for seniors in our district. They will graduate on Sunday and some I will probably never see again. But others will remain as one of "my kids". They'll stop to visit and fill me in on their college lives. They'll friend me on Facebook and keep in touch that way. For them, there will always be a bond.

2. Former students. I've had several visits from students in the last couple of weeks. Home from college, they stop in to visit and realize that they don't really fit in high school anymore. They come home to look for friends and some of those don't fit either. They're growing up and don't even realize it.

I've also heard from a couple of former students who graduated from college this year. It doesn't seem possible that they are now "grown-ups" with real lives. They'll be starting "real" jobs. To me, many of them are still those little seventh graders I tried to reach, or those stupid sophomore boys I love so much.

Wow. Just. Wow.

3. Great ideas at 3:00am (not the time so much, but love the idea)
My eyes popped open. The clock said 3:00. And the idea for how I want Creative Writing digital portfolios to be next year just popped into my head. It made so much sense to me. Why was this such a struggle to come up with during the day?  My genius time project today will be to sketch out what I came up with so I don't forget it all before August!

4. Yoplait Light Blackberry Yogurt. 
It's become my favorite after supper snack--or with a breakfast bar in the morning--or just because I want one.  The raspberry one is pretty awesome too!

That's all for this week. Tell me about your favorites!


  1. Love it all, but especially #3, Deb. I was just talking with someone about the waking up at 3. We've all done it lately. Is it just teachers who do this? I'm interested in hearing what you'll be doing digitally, pressing the teachers at school to try something new! We've had some former students back from college drop by too-so great to see them all grown up! Have a great weekend!

  2. Linda, the basics are I'm going to have them create a Weebly site. That way they can share their writing on pages and blog also all on one site. I knew I wanted them to blog next year, but am trying to streamline the sites I will use. THat makes a weebly site a good fit.