Tuesday, December 6, 2011

No Gifts With Cords

I am a  "What I Want for Christmas" list maker. My husband is not.  I love to make long wish lists of things I would love to receive. My husband does not. I love getting other people's "What I Want for Christmas" lists. You guessed it--my husband does not.  My philosophy is if you make the list long enough, you won't know what you are getting, but at least it will be something you really will enjoy. My husband believes it takes all the fun out of opening gifts because you already know what you got.

We "argue" about this every year.  It happened again over the weekend as I left a "wish list" of books and music on the kitchen table. Problem was, at the time, there was only one CD on the music list.  Evidently, it the one he was going to buy me.

So don't buy it. Look at the list of 15 or 20 books that are at the top of my book list. I'd rather have those.

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm being selfish, greedy, materialistic.  Really, I'm not.  Let me tell you a story.

Back when the boys were living at home we always planned a night for our own Christmas before our annual Christmas trip to Mom's.  We'd fix a favorite dinner.  Later settle in the living room  and pass out gifts. The boys were pretty good at finding gifts for mom and dad on limited budgets, always striving for the gift that would mean the most.  We'd take turns opening the gifts, appropriately oohing and ahhing over them.

But there was always one.  One that my dear husband would qualify before I'd even open it.  "Well, this one is kind of for all of us."

The dreaded gift with a cord.

One year it was a toaster we needed. Another year it was a blow dryer.

My question--if it's really for everyone, why is it wrapped and given to me?

Hence, my number 1 gift giving rule for men:  No gifts with cords (unless it specifically listed on the aforementioned Christmas list).

If only I could teach him how to search the Amazon Wish list....


  1. I love your rule. It's so true. Unless, of course, said gift is on the Amazon Wish List!

    Though the worst give my hubby ever gave me didn't have a cord attached. A long time ago he gave me a red snuggie as part of my Valentine's Day gift. He thought it was good for me since I was always complaining that I was cold in our old apartment. That didn't have a cord, but it was very well could've! It was over sized and kind of a drag to receive.


  2. I love your words, they ring so true for me plus you made me laugh this morning. Good luck getting your wish list honored.

  3. So funny how different men think than women. I certainly do not want anything with a cord, either, like a washer & dryer, or? The marketing out there doesn't help either. You wrote this so great, with the repetitions of Christmas after Christmas, & no change. I love the photo too!

  4. My mom has the same rule! I laughed right when I read the title.

  5. Very funny! And now I know what I'll post about soon!

  6. haha, what a great rule! I think my mom would agree wholeheartedly -- there's a great story in our house about how one year my dad bought her a vacuum... and he's never bought her another appliance as a "gift" since!

  7. Ha ha ha! Yes, the gift for "all of us." Mine resists the list too. What is the deal with that? I would love it if my husband made a list of what he wanted because has returned 99% of the gifts I have given him. It is the family joke. The kids will say, "What did you get Dad that he will return this year?"

  8. This is dead on. I am all about the wishlist. I get enough surprises (good and bad) from friends and co-workers. I like to know I am going to like what my family gets me. As a gift-giver, I have the same philosophy. I would love to use a Christmas-gift registry with some people!

  9. Love it--I was pretty sure that most women had similar experiences to mine.

  10. You (and your husband) make me laugh! It's so true isn't it? Of course he won't buy you the CD. You only had ONE on your list!

    Oh, the family gift. That's just too funny! So thoughtful and generous.

    Enough already! Here's the list!!! :) Thanks for the smile to day, Deb!

  11. Your slice really resonated with me...I, too, am the receiver of the "gift for all of us." I shall have to place your rule on the top of my list!

  12. I think the long list is a great idea. I always say I don't need anything and as a result, I don't get anything I really wanted--sometimes they're very nice. My husband gave up giving me gifts when his chosen sweatshirt for me with cowboy boots/guitar was not well received. If you know me, you would never have gotten me a sweatshirt with cowboy boots/guitar in a million year!!! I think it was his way of bowing out of the whole gift giving thing for awhile.

  13. Hahahaha! Loved this post. Yes, we have those gifts in my house, too. If I had a choice I would always ask for books for gift cards to my favorite book stores but according to my husband we don't have any more room for books in our house. My response: there's always one free corner somewhere!