Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things That Made Me Smile

I read a blog post today that gave some great ideas for activities in writer's notebooks. Since we are really just getting a start on ours, I thought we would try some of these this week. I apologize I'm not linking to the post. I found it on Twitter at home this morning, but when I come to school and the link is blocked by our AEA's firewall.  Grrrrrrr.

But that's another blog post.

Here's what we added to our notebooks today:


1. Chloe swimming in the lake for the first time. Like a kid, she dipped her toes in the water, testing it out. Then a wave came at her and she decided it needed to be attacked. Chloe spent several minutes trying to catch the waves and eat them. Slowly she started walking out and then finally swam. When she got out of the water, she shook off and then ran around in circles like crazy.

2. The grandkids swimming on the 4th. Grandma's lake rule: You have to eat breakfast before you go outside. I think they broke the land speed record in downing those bowls of cereal. Clothes were never an issue. They just put the suits and life jackets on and down they went. Luckily, the beach is right across from the trailer so the adults could sit and have coffee and watch them. Every two hours or so we brought them up for a sunscreen and a snack. As the sunset, we made them come up and get ready for bed. There were no arguments!

3. The look on a friend's face when I showed up at the hospital before her surgery. She didn't know I was coming, but the look on her face when I walked up as she was standing in line to register was worth the early morning drive. Even better, the look on her face when she got to go home.

4. My new golf clubs and golfing with friends. Now, you need to know that I suck at golf. Really. But I look great on the course with my new clubs.  And I have fun. I enjoy being with my friends, so it's all OK.

5. Concerts at Arnold's Park. We have our favorite bands that are don't miss events and we've checked out some new ones. It's always a fun night dancing and singing along.  Good times.

6. The lake neighbor kids coming to pet Chloe in the mornings. They were all a little nervous at the beginning of the summer because she was sooo much bigger than last summer. But once I showed them how to approach her and convinced them that she just wanted to give them puppy kisses, they were hooked. Now they stop many times during the day when I am out just to see Chloe.  I love their giggles as she licks them all over.

Other things that made me smile:
The boat dying in the middle of the lake and being towed in by a smaller boat.
Being home
Pajama days
Rainy days
Sunny days
Making sangria
The lake neighbors setting up a screen and projecting fights outside--just like a drive-in
School starting

Yep--lots to smile about. And lots to write about!  I hope my students find their lists as helpful as I find mine


  1. Love the list, & I remember some of the things from earlier posts, such a wonderful summer! I love that you look good in your golf clothes, & that you still have a smile after the boat being towed! Happy writing!

  2. This is a great idea! It sounds more fun than just asking students what they did this summer. It sounds like you had a great summer!
    --jee young

  3. Reading your blog has made me smile. :)

  4. I love the idea of writing about "things that make me smile." I'm going to have to try that using Isabelle as my focus. However, I think I might drone on and on and on. :)

  5. What a great way to gather some ideas for writing. Students could refer back to this many times for their writing.

  6. I've got this down for an idea for a future post. I certainly had one of those smiley summers--thanks for reminding me of that!!!

  7. I love lists and this one is no exception. What a great starter. I'm adding one to my notebook as soon as I finish commenting. :)
    Thanks, Ruth

  8. A great idea for kids and adults alike! I'll be borrowing this idea as well. Thanks for making me smile!

  9. You've got a winner with this idea, again I will be using it like several others. Picturing Chloe at the first swim made me smile.

  10. Love the little snippets! As always, thanks for the great ideas! And just have to tell you, your opening paragraph is so funny. You really have so much voice when you write. :)

  11. Thanks for your post and for being a guest blogger on TWT.