Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days.

I didn't wake up until 8:00am. Unusual for me, even at the lake. More unusual was the fact that Chloe just crawled up on the edge of the bed and slept too.  I think I got too much sleep. I didn't have any energy today. Nada. Zip. Nothing.

Here's what I didn't do:
Read--anything. Usually Tuesday mornings I read blog posts until my eyes bleed. Not today. Only read two or three at the most.  I also didn't read for fun or for PD. Only checked my email once and Facebook twice. Nothing seemed to catch my interest.

Write--I did make a four item grocery list, but even that took more energy than I could muster. Here it is, 8:00pm and I am just getting around to posting on my blog and at Two Writing Teachers.  So not like me...

Paint--I planned on painting a coat of primer in the trailer addition today.  But, nope, that didn't get done either. I did move the paint can from the floor to the table, though.

Walk--Chloe and I have been walking every morning when we get up. I'd like to blame not walking on her, but I have a feeling she'd argue with me if she could!

What did I do?  Hmmmm.

I did make it to the grocery store to buy cat litter. But I didn't get the litter box changed.

I did sit and stare at the lake for awhile this morning.

I took a two hour nap.

Don't know what was up today, but sure hope it doesn't continue tomorrow!


  1. We all have days like that. Like mom always says, "Tomorrow is another day." P.S. Enjoyed your post, nevertheless.

  2. Today was a brain break day for you. You did create a post that many can relate to. Get a good night's sleep. Don't let the heat wear on you.

  3. These days happen. Sometimes you just have to just sit there and stare.

  4. Some times sitting and staring at the lake and then taking a two-hour nap is a good thing. Sounds kind of appealing to me at the moment!

  5. I did miss you, & wondered. Seems you needed this day, before we all climb on the treadmill. You've written about so much going on this summer, so maybe it's a good thing to have nothing going on. Enjoy those minutes, too!

  6. You are human. A two hour nap and writing may be enough for one day.

  7. Ah, a lazy day is good every now and again, especially with the school year right around the corner! And you know once that merry-go-round gets going, it doesn't slow or stop any time soon!