Friday, July 1, 2011

Wicked Witch of the East

Both Ruth at and my chapters in Spilling Ink talked today about noticing the every day around you and writing it down. Ruth wrote about noticing idiosyncrasies and writing them in your writer's notebook. As I was reading, Chloe began barking non-stop. I knew it had to be at the neighbor lady. She creeps Chloe  out--and me too. So, here she is...

Old womanphoto © 2008 Ed Yourdon | more info (via: Wylio)
She skulks around her yard, bent slightly at the waist, mouth pursed into a perpetual grimace, scanning the area around her for trespassers of any kind. Dandelions, litter, a neighborhood dog or cat. a neighbor... anything that dares to enter her realm. Dressed in her uniform of jean capris, knit shirt and white Keds with white ankle socks, she checks the surveillance cameras installed around the perimeter of her small green bungalow daily, making sure they work correctly when nothing shows up on video. She slowly creeps around the side of the garage, peeking through the bushes, making sure no one is following her. The neighborhood dogs bark as she creeps.

She's lonely, I know. She speaks to no one (except to reprimand them for indiscretions) and no one speaks to her. It is better not to. Better to not find out what is going on in her crazy mind.  Better to not know that she believes she is being watched. Better to not know that she believes the neighbors are coming into her yard after her. Better not to know...

Today's quote from Spilling Ink: "Sometimes ideas only show up when they think you're not watching."


  1. It's a sad description & you showed us how very sad by your description with so many details. It's too bad she can't reach out for the friendly souls around her, like you, to help her loneliness.

  2. "The neighborhood dogs bark as she creeps." -- What a line! It's remarkable, to me, the way the small details paint a big vivid picture. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

  3. She must be so scared in that world. She really is trying to keep the world out, and there may be no reaching her from here. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to hold her hand and guide her out? But it doesn't seem possible at this point. When in her life did it start? She probably has quite a story in there.

  4. Did you try water??? Love the post!!!