Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Lady in Pink

Pink Lady 093photo © 2009 Manu | more info (via: Wylio)
She has been in my head for two days--ever since I saw her across the restaurant. At first, from the back, I thought she was a teenager, but when she sat at the table next to us, I saw she was much older. Probably in her late 70's, although she could have been younger. Her face was so kindly, it was hard to determine her age.

I think it was the way she had her hair pulled back that gave the impression of a teenager. There was a little pink scarf wrapped around the bun she had put up on the back of her head. A slight woman, she pulled off the head to toe pink outfit very well. One of friends thought she looked very Southern, and I'd have to agree, although we never heard her speak. She was very proper looking in her pink flower-print skirt that flared out as it hit just below her knees.  A pink knit top with a coordinating pink sweater buttoned over her shoulders, gave her an old time librarian look.

But the best part for us were her shoes--canvas slip-ons. Pink, of course, with white polka dots. They seemed to give her such a playful, carefree appearance.
I watched her eat--cutting her muffin and fruit very daintily, very precisely. She chewed each bite before she spoke.  Elbows off the table. Politely listened to her companion who was dressed in jeans and a dark shirt, as if to give the stage totally to her--the Lady in Pink. She was a lesson in old time manners. A throwback to days gone by....


  1. Nice observations to make for this lady. I wonder what she'd think about it? And, hope there are more throwbacks out there! I like the way you included what she did as well as how she looked.

  2. Loved the study! Very well written and flows nicely. I have a great picture in my mind. I doubt that I'd not recognize her if I saw her on the street.