Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Early Morning Musings

Bleary eyed, I look at the clock. 3:39am.  Crap!  The alarm didn't go off. I meant to get up at 3:00am to give myself a little time for coffee and something to eat. Now I'll have to rush to get going on time.
Quick shower while the coffee perks, a quickly dashed off Slice of Life, and I am out the door.

It's 4:20am. My mind is on a dear friend facing a lumpectomy this morning. She checks in at 5:45am and I want to be there with her. Because of A LOT going on with other family members, she is facing this without any of them there. So it is important that as many of her "other family" are there with her and two have traveled with her from western Iowa to Rochester.  She doesn't know I am coming.

I drive down the street and notice a house with all it's lights on and many cars in the driveway. My mind races---what could be going on?  Are they up because they work an early shift somewhere?  Or maybe someone works the night shift and just hasn't settled down after work.  Maybe there is something wrong.

The drive is long this morning, although it is only a little over an hour to Rochester.  My mind continues to think of my friend and what she has been going through. There is, of course, a chance that they will not be able to do a lumpectomy and the doctor will have to remove the breast. How will she handle that? How would we all handle that?

Time is racing and my car moves too slowly it seems.  Will I make it on time? Will I be able to see her before they take her away for surgery?

The morning sky is beautiful. To the west it is dark and stormy looking, but the sunrise in the east is breathtaking. Full of the hope and promise of a wonderful day.

I arrive. Once parked I send a text to find out where they are at. And lo and  behold, they are still in line at the admissions desk right in front of me. The look on my friend's face when she saw me made the early morning drive worth it.

I am happy to say my dear friend made it through surgery with flying colors. As I left them in the early afternoon, she was in good spirits and wanting to get home to her healing place--home to the lake.


  1. What a wonderful thing you did, to be there with your friend. And to write these words, showing that you saw things like the beauty in the sunrise shows your optimism, which I imagine was relayed straight to your friend, too. It must have been a stressful day, and I'm so glad for her that all is okay, and for you, Deb. Happy Day, and at the lake as you told us.

  2. It was so good that you could be there with your friend. It is important to have that support around, even if they think that it's fine and they can handle it themselves. Hope she can head to the lake really soon!