Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Month of May

Whew--May was a busy month!

1. Began the countdown to the end of the year!  WooHoo!
2. Cleaned out file cabinets and cupboards in my classroom--now if I could just get motivated to do it at home!
3. Moved into the new trailer at the lake.
4. Spent every weekend at the lake.
5. Golfed twice.
6. Fished--well, I helped.
7. Celebrated grandson's 4th birthday
8. Cancer Survivor/Memory walk at school
9. Won 1/9th of a $500 jackpot at the casino
10. Continued the school countdown
11. Listened to the hopes and dreams of sophomores in their "graduation" speeches.
12. Celebrated with those who got their jobs back.
13. Commiserated with those who didn't.
14. Cried when my principal resigned.
15. Ran the heater at the lake, then the air conditioner, then the heater again.
16. Went to oldest son's for dinner and time with grandkids.
17. Watched grandkids swim in the lake.
18. Had lots of "rocking grandbabies" time.
19. Urged several students to "get it done" in order to pass my class!
20. Continued the SLOW countdown to the end of the year.
21. Finally finished emptying the shed at the lake.
22. Watched sunsets from my swing at the lake.
23. Kept sophomore boys as under control as possible in late May.
24. Graduation
25. Let the housework pile up at home ( a bad habit at the end of the year).
26. Began taking home professional books that I want to revisit this summer.
27. Wrote 16 blog posts (16 1/2 really, I started this in May).
28. Took lots of pictures of , guess what?  The Grandkids!
29. Counted the classes left in the school year!
30. Done.

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  1. I never thought of making a list. It's nice to see all those memories written down. I am just going to a final goodbye assembly that we do with the students and tomorrow is final wrap-up with staff then the party, then DONE! Have a wonderful day today!