Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Water Babies

It starts slowly and innocently enough.

"Daddy, can we play on the beach?"
"Sure, just stay out of the water. I don't want you to get wet."
""K, Daddy."

And I know they intend to follow that rule. But soon, off come the socks and shoes. The rule begins to bend. A toe, a fake scream about how cold the water is. A Dare, "You try it" Soon both feet...

"You can wade, but don't get wet!"
More bending...

Dad leaves for a few minutes and Grandma is in charge. Grandma, who loves her lake babies....

Pretty soon, they are wading. Still with the admonishment to not get wet!

Who are we kidding? Kids and the lake and not get wet. Those things just don't go together! The rule breaks.

Soon they are at their knees. Before I know it, they are "washing" their faces. A little splash, a big splash. Up to their knees and running. Giggles of joy.

Oh, oh. Here comes dad!
"I thought I told you not to get wet!"



  1. Just like the boa constrictor: 'oh gee, he's up to my knee'. Great story, like when you tell them not to splash in the puddles. It sounds like great fun, your lake.

  2. Isn't it nice when grandma can take the blame? You've told a fun story, feeding it to us bit by bit. Love it!

  3. I am glad that you were in charge.

  4. It's impossible to stop children when they are having so much fun. It sounds like a magical day and a great way to enjoy the warm weather.

  5. And why should you stop them? What's a bit of wetness in the grand scheme? Grand memories, that's what!
    I so want to be there! My husband and I are debating a piece of a lake right now that we've found...and I have to tell you, your lake stories are making me yearn for that Golden Pond experience!

  6. Love it! The words make me smile and the pictures warm my heart.

  7. I love how you kept coming back to the "bending". I think one of my favorite lines was how "Grandma loves her lake babies . . ." What a great explode-a-moment. I could hear the squeals and feel the cold water.

  8. How can you play on the beach and NOT get wet?? Good for the kids that grandma was around!

  9. Love this! And the photos! What a special memory!

  10. Grandparents know what's important!!!