Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Month Of April

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Here's what happened in April:Co-hosted a baby shower for my daughter-in-lawHeard news about the royal weddingshoveled snowopened up the trailer at the lakewent to the casino and won 1/9th of a $500 jackpotdealt with the SSB'sblogged a week about lake memorieswent to son's for weekend and played with the grandkidsheard news about the royal weddingstayed at the trailer moved trailersgrandbaby #6 arrivedgot new golf clubs tried new golf clubs--LOVE my driverdealt with the SSB'swent to book club and discussed Bitter in My Mouth
unintentionally watched the royal wedding--not much choice, since that was all that was on

Spent a fairly relaxing weekend at the lake (after trying to figure out where to put things)


  1. Ah-h, a very special month, I believe, especially because of the newest baby arriving. As I read through your list, I remembered some special posts too! Happy May Day!

  2. Good list! What a busy month you've had! And this one should be pretty hectic too. Hope you still make time for writing.