Friday, April 22, 2011

Baby H

We have now made it to the birth of 4 of the 6 grandkids  (would have made it to all of them if we had known them at the time!). Life has been a whirlwind since Wednesday and I can't even begin to describe the happenings.  I still tear up as I write this.

Grandbaby #6, Baby H, made his arrival yesterday a little before 4 in the afternoon. Three weeks early, but healthy in every way. The look of pride on our oldest son's face as he showed off his son will be forever etched in my memory. And we have his beautiful wife to thank for that.

Before they married last summer they sat us down and told us that, because of physical issues, there were not going to be more grandchildren, from them at least. A and B, the twins, would be it.  My son was fine with that (see He Learned From the Best) and so we were fine with that. We loved the twins from the moment they came into our lives.

A few months later, a phone call. Happy news, there would be a baby after all.

Not an easy pregnancy, by any means, but a happy one. The last couple of weeks have been a little nerve-wracking.  The goal was to get to 37 weeks--and Baby H did just that---to the day. He also managed to not arrive on a Monday or Tuesday, which are Grandpa's days at work where it would be impossible for him to leave and go to the hospital. He came at a decent time of the day--no midnight calls. We were only at the hospital for a short time before he made his arrival. And, we got to stand outside the door and hear his first cries (with big brother and sister). Grandpa says Baby H is his favorite grandchild--but I think he has told them all that at one time or another!


  1. Oh what wonderful news! Congratulations to all. Remember that old rhyme? "Where did you come from baby dear? Out of the nowhere into here." It's such a delicious 'here' when it's your 'here'. I know you're enjoying every minute!

  2. Congratulations! How very exciting! I even found myself tearing up when you told about the look of pride on your son's face. What a precious memory to have.