Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"We are now going in to lockdown"

Although it was a drill, although we knew it ahead of time, our first lockdown drill was a tad disconcerting. No one wants to think of a "hostile intruder" in their building, no one wants to think of the consequences of   that intruder. Not me, not the kids.

It was our first drill and on the whole, I think it went OK. Students in later classes told of teachers (?????) who talked the whole time, or students who had to cough or whisper when they were supposed to be quiet,  but on the whole, it went well.

My class was terrific. After a couple of initial giggles, they sat quietly, jumped a bit when someone tried my door, but really did well with the whole thing. This is also the class that came up with great suggestions for improving the drill, who asked intelligent questions, and understood why we were doing this.

I don't want to think about this happening for real, but I am glad we had the drill and there is a plan in place.


  1. Sad it has to happen, but perhaps through practice, it can feel like someone is in charge to the students. It sounds as if you prepared them well, even inviting feedback which is so respectful. After all, they are the ones being protected, so should have some opinions in that.

  2. These drills remind me of the drills during the Cold War. They may never be necessary to implement but if an emergency arises, then at least there is a plan. Glad your kids took it seriously. My first graders who talk all the time...didn't make a peep.

  3. We had a staff meeting after school and the general opinion was that it went very well. Kids get it--there is some tweaking to do, but that is the purpose of the drill--to figure out how to do it better.

  4. I remember when my school went on lock down for real once. It was scary! The kids did very well for not knowing what was going on.

  5. This reminds me of the one I heard on the news about a school that was about to let out and there was a shooting in the area and they locked down the school because they couldn't find the shooter. The school was locked down for 2 1/2 hours. A shooting had happend and the police weren't sure where the person was and didn't want the children out and weren't sure if he went into the school. That would be a very nerveracking experience! Glad yours was just a test! Happy slicing! :)